Best Wearbale Vibrators – 2020 Review

Looking for some hands-free fun? Wearable vibrators are a great way to enjoy the stimulation of vibration without needing to hold the toy in place. This leaves your hands free for exploration on other parts of you or a partner’s body. You will find wearable vibrators that are great for solo play, partnered play and even some long-distance action. Let’s take a look at why these toys are so great and which ones we recommend.

Comparison of the Best Wearable Vibrators


Our Rating


Lovehoney Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Best Wearable
Butterfly Vibrator

Desire Luxury Panty Vibrator

Best Wearable
Remote Control Vibrator

We-Vibe Sync

Best Wearble
Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Jive

Best Wearable
Clitoral Vibrator

Types of Wearable Vibrators

A wearable vibrator is actually an overarching term for a group of vibes and there are a few different styles to consider before you buy.

Wearable Remote Control Vibrator

This is a vibrator that is worn internally like an egg vibrator, or externally like a panty vibrator and is controlled using a remote control. Some controls will be wired and others will be wireless so that it can be controlled by a partner.

Wearable Couples Vibrator

This is a vibrator that is worn during sex to stimulate one or both partners at the same time. This includes toys like cock rings and U-shaped toys worn by the female. They are designed so that you can have penetrative sex and vibration at the same time.

Wearable Clitoral Vibrator

This is similar to the above two options but is a style that is designed to directly target the clitoris. Some of these will be worn inside a panty and others will have an internal and external portion so that it can attach to the body and stimulate the wearer during masturbation, foreplay or sex.

Wearable Butterfly Vibrator

This is a vibrator that attaches to the wearer with leg and hip straps and has a flexible butterfly shaped vibration that sits on top of the vulva. This generally has soft wings which stimulate the labia and a pronounced ridge to directly target the clitoris.

How to Choose a Wearable Vibrator

Here are a few things to consider before you go buying a wearable vibrator, because how you want to play will determine what to look for.

Remote control

Do you want something that has a remote control? Anything that is worn rather than held can be a bit tricky when it comes to changing the vibration function if the buttons are on the toy itself. It is usually a lot easier to have the controls on a separate remote.

Worn during sex

For the most part, these types of toys are designed to be worn during penetrative sex but it is not possible with all of them. Things like egg vibes are not good for sex with penetration.

Naked play or clothed play too?

Now for the fun part! Some of these toys can be worn under clothes and controlled via a remote for some naughty fun outside of the bedroom too. It is not only the size but the style that you will want to consider here. A vibrating panty is ideal for this kind of play.

Review of the Best Wearable Vibrators

Now that you know what is available, let's take a look at our picks for the best and what makes each one so good.

Best Wearable Butterfly Vibrator:
Lovehoney Venus Butterfly Vibrator


  • The vibe is small enough to wear under clothes too so you can use it out in public too.
  • It can be worn during penetrative sex too but, will work better if a partner goes from behind to avoid pushing the butterfly part too hard against your body.
  • Although it focuses on the clitoris it also stimulates the rest of the vulva too.


  • It’s not waterproof so you need to be careful while you clean and make sure water stays away from the wire.
  • The instructions can be quite difficult to work out at first.
  • The straps are quite weak and prone to snapping.

Wanna reach orgasm without lifting a finger? Don’t we all?! Well, it might not be entirely possible but this wearable vibrator can certainly help. Butterfly vibrators strap onto the body so that the vibrator sits directly against the clitoris.

There are adjustable straps which tighten around the hips and thighs to keep the vibe in place and stop it from moving about. This vibe has wide flexible wings that stimulate the labia, then a ridged body for all over stimulation of the vulva. And, then raised pinpoint tips to directly target the clitoris.

The vibrating part is made from skin-safe rubber that is flexible and squishy to touch. It’s also bright pink and glittery which some will love and others will definitely not. There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns to play with and the bullet vibe can actually be removed and used separately too. It is controlled using a wired controller so you can be in charge yourself or give that role to a partner.

Bottom Line

This is a cute and fun way to explore some hands-free fun. It can be used in or out of the bedroom but keep it away from water.

Best Wearable Remote Control Vibrator:
Desire Luxury Panty Vibrator


  • Comes with a case to store everything in safely to protect the toy.
  • The tie sides make the panty wearable for most sizes.
  • The vibrations are rumbly and powerful and there are a lot of different settings to choose from.


  • There isn’t really a low setting. Even the less intense settings are still very powerful and it can be too much for some people.
  • It does also get progressively louder as you go higher with the settings which are really to be expected though. Don’t forget it is a vibrator you are using.
  • It can be difficult to get and keep in the right place to stimulate the clitoris properly.

This is a super sexy vibrating panty that can be used in the bedroom or taken out in public for a discreet but wild night. You get a sexy lace black brief with a side tie that is designed to fit most sizes.

The panty has a small inner pocket which the vibe slips inside of and you are good to go. The vibrator is also designed to curve with the shape of a woman’s body so don’t worry about anything bulky and uncomfortable down there. It is controlled using a wireless remote control that works form up to 8 meters away.

There are 12 speeds and 8 patterns, so you definitely won’t get bored with this thing. It is made from amazing smooth, silicone and the vibe itself is rigid so that you get maximum vibration transfer to your clitoris. The vibe measures 4.5 inches in circumference and is 4 inches in length.

Bottom Line

Vibrating panties are a classic sex toy that really keeps things sizzling in a relationship and if you love strong vibrations, then you are bound to love this!

Best Wearable Couples Vibrator:
We-Vibe Sync


  • Made from super soft, amazing silicone that feels great against your skin, is body-safe, and with care, can last a lifetime.
  • The design makes lets you get all the stimulation whilst leaving your hands free to roam.
  • The We-Connect app is pretty impressive and allows you to use the toy in all sorts of different ways.


  • Apps can be a bit fiddly and if you have a bad connection you won't be able to get it to work the way you may want it to.
  • Even with the upgraded body, it still doesn’t fit all body shapes either. For some, they will need to hold it in place.
  • Some males find it strange to have something else in there too. It may take some getting used to.

Heard of the We-Vibe 4 Plus? Well, this is the next step up but it still has all the classic features that made the older version the most popular couples sex toy in the world. The We-vibe Sync is a vibrator that is designed to be worn during penetrative sex.

One end sits externally against the clit, and the other end sits inside the vagina which vibrates internally and stimulates the penis too. Unlike the 4 Plus it is posable and designed to be better suited to more bodies. Thanks for listening to customer feedback We-Vibe! You can control the two ends separately too and We-Vibe is very well-known for its strong, rumbly vibrations and this toy has just that.

You can control the vibration using the buttons on the toy, using the remote control, or even using the phone app! Just download the We-Connect app and you are good to go. That means that your toy can be controlled from anyone you give permission to, from anywhere in the world. So, yes its great for long distance relationships.

The app also features a beat mode which makes it vibe in time with your chosen songs, or there is touch mode which allows you to change the speed and pattern with your fingers on the screen. The vibe has a circumference of 3.5 inches and an insertable length of 3 inches.

Bottom Line

There is a reason that the We-Vibe range of toys is so damn popular. They are strong, rumbly and offer serious innovation to how we can play with our partners. This is an expensive toy but it is worth every dollar.

Best Wearable Clitoral Vibrator:
We-Vibe Jive


  • This is another great toy for play outside of the bedroom or for long distance lovers wanting to interact with one another.
  • It is USB rechargeable and you get up to 2 hours of play from a full charge! That is a lot compared to most other sex toys.
  • The button being right on the end of the retrieval cord is awesome and means that you don’t need to bother with a remote.


  • It can’t really be used as part of partnered sex.
  • It is quite a loud toy and may be too loud to use in a quiet public place. Stick to busy bars!

This is another amazing vibrator from We-Vibe. Although it looks pretty similar to the Sync, it is actually a pretty different toy. This is an internal egg vibe that targets the G-spot. Pop it in and wiggle any way you like, this thing is designed to stay put and leave your hands free for other types of fun. Don’t worry there is a silicone dangly thing to pull on when you want to remove it so it won’t get lost.

There are 10 rumbly patterns to chose from and they are all deep and powerful, just like all other We-Vibe toys. You can control the egg using the button on the end of the retrieval cord (genius), via the single button remote or you can connect the toy to the We-Connect app and control it that way.

Another great toy for long distance relationships. This toy measures 3.5 inches in insertable length and has an insertable length of 3.75 inches.

Bottom Line

The Jive is another great toy from We-Vibe. It is powerful body-safe and easy to use. And of course, being able to control it via an app is pretty awesome too.


Wearable vibes offer a lot of different options for play and can really help to spice things up in a relationship, even a long distance one! Which one you go for will be dependent on your anatomy and how you want to play, but there is definitely a wearable vibe to suit everyone.