How to Clean Sex Toys

Looking after your sex toys is extremely important! These toys deal with a lot of areas of the body that are full of bacteria, so cleaning them thoroughly before and after each use is the only way to keep your toys body-safe and stop you from getting infections. While it may seem a nuisance at the time, cleaning your toys is actually super easy once you know how.

Why is Cleaning Your Toys Important?

Basically, it comes down to keeping your genitalia happy and healthy. If you are sharing toys with others, then keeping them sanitized between each person’s use is extremely important to avoid sharing any bacterial or fungal infections. But even your own toys need to be washed every use as well to avoid any bacteria gathering on the toy between uses. If it hasn’t been washed, it isn’t body-safe.

Our Favorite Toy Cleaners

Below are a few of our favorite toy cleaners!

1. System JO Foaming Toy Cleaner 7.0 fl oz

This System Jo cleaner has long been a personal favorite cleaner of mine as being foam it actually sits on the toy and stays there! It also gets into any nook or ridge easily without sliding off or going right over the top of it. This is an antibacterial toy cleaner that is fragrance-free and safe to use on all materials. The pump bottle also means that there are no spills and it is super easy to get when you need it.

2. Sliquid Shine Organic Intimate Toy Cleaner 7.9 fl oz

This Sliquid organic cleaner is made from all-natural organic ingredients with no chemicals and no sugars. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, using body-safe tea tree and castor oils to cleanse your toys. It leaves an amazing natural tea tree smell too. Being a spray bottle means that it easy to use and the majority of the liquid will land and stay on the toy.

3. Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes

These wipes are a quick and easy way to clean up after play. They are especially good for on the go when you don’t need to worry about adding extra liquids and bottles into your bag. These wipes are biodegradable and infused with aloe vera and are designed for use on your toys and on the body too. They are safe for any toy material and come with 25 in a pack so, they may not be the longest lasting but they are definitely the easiest option for a quick clean up.

How to Clean a Sex Toy

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors to keep in mind when cleaning a sex toy.

1. Know your toy material

This is the most important thing as different materials need to be treated in different ways. Only non-porous toys can be completely sanitized. That includes silicone, glass, metal, ABS plastic or wood. Anything can never actually be completely sanitized so never share those toys.

2. Use a toy cleaner or fragrance-free soap

Stick to something that won’t be irritating on the skin and just use a small amount with some water. You don’t need to make it super soapy and covered in bubbles. Just use enough to clean the toy and rinse it really thoroughly.

3. Don’t submerge toys with motors

Even if the toy says it is completely submersible, this doesn’t mean that you should soak it for a long period of time. However, static toys can be soaked and left for as long as you like.

4. If you can, boil it

Yup, real silicone toys can actually be boiled to remove any bacteria and be completely sanitized. Just make sure it is real silicone before you start or the toy will be ruined.

5. Dry it with a clean towel

Don’t remove all the bacteria then add it again! Hand towels and shower towels have bacteria on them. Only use a fresh one to dry your toys.

6. Completely dry before storing it

Damp toys can grow mildew or mold. So make sure they are completely dry before you put them away.

7. Wash it before and after use

I know that this is a pain in the ass but it has to be done. While things are stored they can collect dust and other things from the air that aren’t safe to be put inside your body-safe. Better safe than sorry right?!


How to clean a dildo?

A dildo is one of the easiest toys to clean as you don’t need to worry about the motor. You can use soap or toy cleaner with some water and wipe it down, or you could just pop in the sink and leave it to soak. If the toy is silicone you can even boil it to make sure you get it completely sanitized.

How to clean a vibrator?

A vibrator is a little more difficult as you want to avoid getting water in the motor. In most cases, the wipe down method will work where you can spray the toy and wipe it down with warm water. If it is textured, then you may need to use your finger to get into some of those harder to reach areas too.

How to clean a butt plug?

Now, booty toys are a little bit more difficult to clean. Obviously, this area has a lot more bacteria and you really need to make sure any butt plugs are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. If you can, then definitely boil the toy. And if it is not a material that can be boiled I recommend soaking it in some antibacterial cleaner and giving it a very good wipe down before and after.


As you can see, the way you clean your toy all comes down to the material that you buy. It is going to be much safer and much easier to clean if you go for a non-porous option like silicone, glass, metal or wood. And make sure you always have some anti-bacterial toy cleaner on hand so that you can get things spick and span without too much fuss.