Best Tenga Eggs – 2020 Review

Looking for a male masturbator that is subtler and discreet than the others? Well, the Tenga Egg may be just what you need. Its egg shaped, comes in a super cute package, can be used alone or with a partner and is super easy to use. Plus, there are a whole lot of inner textures to choose from to stimulate your penis just the way you like it!

Comparison of the Best Tenga Eggs


Our Rating


TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator

TENGA Egg Stepper Textured Male Masturbator

TENGA Egg Cool Edition Menthol-Infused Male Masturbator

TENGA Egg Silky Ribbed Male Masturbator

TENGA Egg Wavy Textured Male Masturbator

TENGA Egg Twister Textured Male Masturbator

What is a Tenga Egg?

A Tenga Egg is a semi-disposable male masturbator, made by the Japanese company Tenga, that is used to stimulate the male during foreplay or solo masturbation. Unlike many other masturbators, the Tenga Eggs are not made to look in any way anatomical and they actually look like eggs. They come in a plastic shell, just like a Kinder Surprise Chocolate, which cracks open to reveal a jelly looking egg. This is the Tenga!

When you pull it out, you will notice that there is a canal opening on the underside and that is where the penis goes. You need to stretch the toy out and over the penis and you can stroke it down the full length of the shaft or just focus on the head for a more intense experience.

What Makes the Tenga Egg Special?

There are a lot of things that make the Tenga Egg different from other male masturbators.

Disposable Toy

One of the main things is that it is sold as a single use toy. The manufacturer states that it is designed to be used once then thrown away. One of the biggest complaints about male masturbators is how difficult or annoying they are to clean after use. This is why the Tenga Egg has been created as a single use toy.

Once you are done, there is almost no cleanup. Everything is caught inside the egg and you can simply throw it away. But, that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. If you are careful and delicate with your toy and clean it thoroughly after use, then you may get a couple more goes from it.


Another reason that the toy is designed to be thrown away is that of the material itself. Tenga Eggs are made from a very thin TPE which is a porous material and is known for harboring bacteria if not cleaned extremely thoroughly.

Because this toy, in particular, is so thin, it is likely to stretch creating small tears in the material and this is where the bacteria will gather. It is really up to you if you want to stick to one go or use it more often as long as you know the risks.


Unlike the anatomical body parts that most male masturbators are, Tenga Eggs are egg-shaped sleeves that stretch down over the penis. They are much thinner than a lot of masturbators and are designed more as a stroker style sleeve.

In most cases, you will be able to feel your own hand through the material too. They all have an inner texture with varying degrees of intensity but as a rule, the more you stretch the sleeve, the more transparent it will become and the less stimulation you will feel.

Review of the Best Tenga Eggs

Now we're going to take a look at the top Tenga models that made our list. With this, we'll be breaking down the main features, pros, and cons of each toy, then providing a bottom line summary per model. Which one will you choose?

1. TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator


  • The sleeve texture is pretty intense and offers more stimulation than some of the other styles. That means it can be stretched a little further while still keeping its texture, so is good for larger penises.
  • The packaging is cute and discreet. This one, in particular, makes a great gift to show you care with all those cute hearts.
  • Like all Tenga Eggs, it comes with a sachet of water-based lube so you are good to go as soon as it arrives.


  • These toys are designed for one-time use. While you can take care while you play and thoroughly wash it after, this type of TPE is porous so the risk of bacteria is high. It is up to you whether you decide to use it again.
  • The lube you get isn’t the best of the best, and some people find that it is a bit sticky.

The first Tenga Egg on the list is the Lovers Heart Egg. Now don’t be fooled by its super cute packaging, this is actually one of the most intense inner sleeve textures that you can get. Once you crack open the plastic eggshell, you can pull out the toy itself and take a peep into the inner part.

It is covered in a whole lot of embossed hearts. Some are big hearts and some are smaller and stick out a bit further. This will give you a mixture of soft and more intense stimulation when you stroke the Tenga down the shaft of the penis.

This Tenga Egg is made from super stretchy TPE so can accommodate most penis sizes, but the more you stretch it, the less intense the texture becomes for stimulation. The opening canal un-stretched is 0.75 inches and the internal length un-stretched is 2.5 inches.

Bottom Line

If you want a Tenga with a lot of stimulation and a super cute package, then this one is perfect!

2. TENGA Egg Stepper Textured Male Masturbator


  • The texture is prominent even when stretched and offers stimulation of the whole penis, even larger ones.
  • Even after a few uses of the toy, the wedges will still be as they are so prominent. The sleeve will stretch a bit but the wedges will still offer stimulation.
  • Just like the others, this one comes with a free lube sachet.


  • Just like the first egg, the material is porous so it’s up to you whether you use it more than once.
  • The inner canal is slightly smaller than the other eggs so it may be a bit tricky to get on if you are on the girthy side.

If you are someone that really enjoys a stroking sensation when you masturbate, then this is probably the Tenga Egg for you. The internal sleeve of the Stepper Egg is covered in rounded raised edges for stimulation and sensation.

The wedges, which stick out about 1cm, point upwards and downwards so you get a different sensation when you stroke up the shaft than you do when you stroke down it. The wedges themselves are still very soft, but due to their different directions, the feeling is still pretty intense.

They also offer stimulation to the whole penis as you stroke, not just the head so this toy can accommodate larger penises too. The internal canal on this Tenga is a little smaller than the others at 0.5 inches un-stretched and the internal length is 2.5 inches un-stretched.

Bottom Line

This is a great Tenga Egg for those who like a lot of stroking while they play. Just be aware that the inner canal is slightly smaller than the others.

3. TENGA Egg Cool Edition Menthol-Infused Male Masturbator


  • Menthol lubricant has a cooling and tingling effect for most people so adds a whole other type of sensation to your play.
  • The texture is gentle and allows you to play for longer than some of the other more intense eggs.


  • There is only one sachet of the menthol lube, so, if you decide to re-use the egg you will be back to normal lube.
  • Menthol lube has quite a specific sensation and some people just do not like it. Make sure you have tried it already before you fill your egg otherwise you may waste it.

Wanna meet the coolest Tenga Egg in the dozen? This is it! The Tenga Egg Cool Edition comes with a menthol-infused lubricant sachet to give you some extra tingle while you play. The egg itself is just like the others from the outside. It comes in its cute little egg-shaped case and has a set of instructions and the cooling lube.

The inners sleeve for this egg is much more gentle than the other two. It has soft ripples and tactile waves that run around the sleeve for a lighter, more soothing stimulation. This egg is really good for strokes that remain near the head of the penis as this area is the most sensitive. The inner canal is 0.75 inches un-stretched and the insertable length is 2.5 inches un-stretched.

Bottom Line

For lovers of menthol lubricant, this will be a great experience but it is not for everyone.

4. TENGA Egg Silky Ribbed Male Masturbator


  • This toy is seriously silky! The soft TPE and internal texture make it the ultimate silky smooth masturbator.
  • It’s perfect for foreplay or long slow self-love sessions.
  • It has a smaller internal canal so it will be slightly tighter on the shaft of the penis and give more sensation.


  • This egg requires slow play for the full effect of the texture so it’s no good if you are in a hurry, or are a rougher player.
  • The lube that comes with this won’t really give you the best experience as it is a little sticky and removes the silky texture. Use a high-quality water-based lube without any stickiness for the best result.

The Tenga Silky is the gentlest egg of the bunch. This toy is all about teasing and slow soft sensations. It’s perfect for couples play in particular, as you can use it as part of foreplay. This egg is made from the same stretchy TPE as the others but the design of the internal texture makes it feel much silkier and smoother when you use it.

It has numerous internal ribs that intertwine and wrap down around the shaft for a light, velvety stimulation. It does require slow movements to feel the full effect of the texture and using a thrusting motion with your penis, rather than pulling it down with your hand, tends to work best. This egg has a smaller inner canal at only 0.5 inches un-stretched and has an insertable length of 2.5 inches un-stretched.

Bottom Line

This Tenga Egg is silky, soft and gentle. Just make sure you use a lubricant that will enhance the experience, not what is provided.

5. TENGA Egg Wavy Textured Male Masturbator


  • This egg is perfect for light, gentle strokes with or without a partner.
  • There is very little friction with this inner texture so you only need a small amount of lube to use it.
  • The inner canal is one of the tighter ones so you will feel more when you use it.


  • The texture may offer too little stimulation for some. If you are going to stretch it along the full length of your penis, it will be particularly gentle.
  • Because the inner canal is tighter it can be a nuisance to get on.

The Tenga Wavy Egg is actually the same texture as the cool egg at number 3 on this list, but just without the cooling lube. It has an undulating internal texture with waves of stimulation that run down the egg. That makes it extremely pleasurable when you stroke up and down.

This is one of the gentler textures with just enough texture to get you going. It is not as intense or rough as some of the other styles. The internal canal is 0.5 inches so is on the tighter side, and the internal length is 2.5 inches. These are both the un-stretched measurements.

Bottom Line

This is another light and gentle Tenga Egg that is great to get you going. However, if you need a lot of stimulation then this might not get you there.

6. TENGA Egg Twister Textured Male Masturbator


  • The inner texture offers stimulation from the top to the bottom of the sleeve for optimal shaft coverage.
  • This one actually offers some suction when you twist it, due to the pattern of the inner ridges.
  • It’s the perfect egg for men that like to add a twisting motion while they play.


  • The texture is not so thick so if you pull it too long you will lose some of the sensations.
  • It is best used for a twisting motion, so a classic stroke will not have as much sensation.

Let’s twist again! So far we have looked at Tenga Eggs that are good for stroking and thrusting but what about one for the guys that like a little twist of the wrist when they play too? Well, the Twister will be perfect for you. The inner sleeve of the Twister features a vortex-like inner sleeve that spirals down for all over stimulation.

It has several sensual lines that swirl vertically from the top of the sleeve to the very bottom. When you include a twisting motion while you stroke or you thrust your penis right to the end of the toy you will feel a delicious squeeze, which none of the other eggs offer. It has a canal diameter of 0.5 inches and an internal length of 2.5 inches.

Bottom Line

If you love twisting and a bit of suction, then this is the egg for you. Just beware of the smaller inner canal when you are putting it on as it may be tricky.

How to Clean Your Tenga Egg

If you decide to use the egg more than once, then it is essential that you clean it as best you can to ensure there are no lurking bacteria. You want to clean it thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial toy cleaner then leave it to completely dry before you put it away. It may pay to use some refresh powder to keep it from going tacky or sticky too. Then store it back inside its eggshell and keep it out of direct sunlight. And, don’t forget that it really should not be used any more than 5 times.


Making the most of your Tenga Egg experience really comes down to picking the perfect inner texture and deciding how many times you are comfortable using it. Just be careful of that lubricant, as it may be too sticky to really make the most of the amazing inner texture.