Best Onaholes – 2020 Review

Male strokers are one of the most popular sex toys for men. With a smooth feel and internal ridging, they take self-pleasure to the next level. Fleshlight cornered the market by providing a well-made, discreet toy, but Onaholes are now gaining in popularity.

Onaholes – the phrase given to male masturbators manufactured in Japan – have a wide variety of styles, and their quality manufacturing rivals the Fleshlight. We’ve rated the best Onaholes that provide the most bang for your buck.

Comparison of the Best Onaholes


Our Rating


ToysHeart Virgin Onahole

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Mouth of Truth

Jessica Onahole

Apple Bottom
Spiral Onahole

ToysHeart Student Council Onahole

What is an Onahole?

Onaholes are male pleasure devices from Japan. They stimulate men during masturbation, or you can use them in foreplay with your partner. Onaholes range in tightness and stimulation, so you can find one that suits your tastes. If you need some help lasting longer in the bedroom, the pleasurable Onahole can help you with stamina training. Your member will get used to the extra stimulation when you use your Onahole on a regular basis. This will help you take longer to reach orgasm.

Many men get Fleshlights and Onaholes confused, but they have some fundamental differences. The Fleshlight is a male stroker that comes in a hard casing that looks like a flashlight for discreet storage. Onaholes resemble more what you would think of as a pocket pussy. They come in handheld options for stroking and larger sizes for thrusting. Fleshlights also have limited models, whereas there are thousands of different types of Onaholes. Their textures are more defined than the Fleshlight, adding more pleasure to your session.

How to Choose an Onahole

There are so many Onaholes available for purchase that you may feel overwhelmed in selecting just one. When shopping for your first product, there are some key features you may want to take into consideration.


Onaholes come in tighter or looser models. Manufacturers highly advertise the tightness of their particular product: for example, models with the word “virgin” in the name will be of the tighter variety. Although Onaholes naturally stretch to accommodate your size, you may choose one that is too tight for you. This will lead to chafing, even when using a high-quality lubricant. For your first try, we suggest picking one of the standard models that have a slightly looser feel. They won’t feel too tight, but you will still feel the internal textures that will send you over the edge.


There are so many models of Onaholes that you can find one that fits your particular fantasy. If you have an anime obsession, several designs feature your favorite characters. When you are looking for something more realistic that stimulates sex with a woman, onaholes also come in oral, vaginal, or anal models. With a realistic exterior and a well-designed interior canal, these realistic styles are as close to the real thing you can get in a toy.


Depending on how you will be using your Onahole, you can find either travel-friendly or stationary models. Many men like the convenience of handheld strokers, which you move up and down over your erection. These are easier to travel within your luggage, so you can enjoy them wherever you are.

Larger stationary onaholes are heavier than the handheld models, and they are meant for home use. You have to use two hands to hold them, and they are better for simulating sex with a woman. If you have a place to store them at home, they make a great addition to your toy collection.  


Just as other male masturbators on the market, Onaholes have many textures along the inner canal. Some have more nodules and ribbing for more stimulation. If you have ever used a male masturbator before, you’ll know how much (or how little) texture you like.

For your first model, you should select a design that will not be too intense. Nodules are less stimulating than ridges, so internal noduled canals make a great first-time buy. If you have some experience – or you want more stimulation – then ridges are the best texture.


Like any sex toy, you get what you pay for. Although cheaper models are not bad for the price, we suggest investing some extra money and getting a better-quality onahole. These feel more realistic, and they hold up well.

Review of the Best Onaholes

We’ve reviewed the five best onaholes available on the market today. From small to larger varieties, you’ll be able to find an onahole perfect for you. In fact, we dare you to choose just one!

1. ToysHeart Virgin Onahole


  • Handheld male stroker in moe-style anime design
  • Measures 5.1” long with 4.3” of internal length
  • Weighs 8.5 oz for some weight during use
  • The inner canal has reverse ridging that feels tighter the further you penetrate
  • Tight opening with 1.1” of material surrounding the inner canal for added durability
  • Skin-safe TPE and Fine Cross foam is sturdy yet pliable for increasing the tightness with your grip


  • No air release hole
  • No suction
  • Too tight for thicker men
  • Rubber smell

For the best “first-time” experience, the ToysHeart Virgin Japanese Masturbator Onahole is a great starter onahole. For the anime enthusiast, the outer shell is shaped like a moe-style anime girl with her legs spread for you. This virgin onahole has a combination of skin-safe TPE rubber and Fine Cross Foam. With an inch of material surrounding the inner canal, this onahole feels soft and firm yet pliable to imitate real skin.

It molds along your length for an amazing feel, and you can squeeze it tighter for an even closer fit. Measuring 5.1” long with 4.3” of inner length, the onahole travels and stores easily. The reverse ridging along the interior feels like heaven, getting tighter the further you go, just like a real virgin. You’ll definitely want to keep this virginal schoolgirl on stand-by!

Bottom Line

There is very little that we don’t like about the ToysHeart Virgin Japanese Masturbator Onahole. It is weighted for even more pleasure during the stroke, and TPE/Cross Foam is durable enough to last with the proper care. It might be too tight for the thicker guy, but any man of average length and girth will find their new best friend in this onahole.

2. Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Mouth of Truth


  • Weighs 1.1 pounds, measures 6” long and 3” wide
  • Wavy, lined grooves along the inner channel to massage your member
  • Realistic construction with anime design inspired by the Roman monument
  • Has two channels: a shorter one under the tongue and a longer one over it
  • The beginning of channel has ABS plastic teeth and a realistic tongue
  • Onahole that simulates oral sex with vacuum suction at the back
  • Made of soft TPE material, Baby Skin soft silicone, and a textured throat that imitates the mucus membrane


  • Rubbery smell
  • Not as durable as other models
  • Teeth can be uncomfortable
  • Feels tight on the average man

Inspired by the famous Roman monument, the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is an oral stroker guaranteed to please. This onahole simulates oral sex with a realistic construction in anime design. This onahole has ABS plastic teeth and a realistic tongue that you will feel upon penetration.

With two channels – a shorter one under the tongue and a longer one over the tongue – you can choose whether you want head or full-length stimulation. Measuring 6” long and 3” wide, the toy’s materials stretch to accommodate your size. The wavy, lined grooves and the tighter rear channel will gently massage and squeeze you for ultimate eye-rolling oral pleasure.

Bottom Line

The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita attempts to simulate oral sex by including teeth and a tongue, but this product falls short of the mark. The teeth can be irritating, and the combination TPE/silicone material isn’t as durable as other onaholes on the market. Although it has an interesting concept, there are plenty of other oral onaholes out there that will provide just as much pleasure. However, this budget-friendly option is worth a shot.

3. Jessica Onahole


  • Male masturbator for doggy style fantasy
  • Includes hips, waist, and buttocks for grabbing during thrusting
  • Weight 4.5 pounds, measures about 5.5” tall, 6.7” long, and 8.7” wide
  • TPE material is soft and pliable, feeling like real skin
  • Comes with panties to put on the toy to complete the fantasy
  • Open-ended for easy cleaning
  • Has two holes – a noduled vagina and a ribbed anus – with tight holes that simulate doggy-style sex


  • Slight smell
  • The vaginal tunnel is too thin, splits easily with vigorous thrusting
  • Underwear that comes with the toy is too big for the model
  • May not feel firm enough for some

If you love doggy style sex, then you need the Jessica Onahole. This stationary male masturbator includes a mold of the hips, waist, and buttocks for grabbing during thrusting. The Jessica Onahole has two holes for your pleasure – a vagina canal filled with soft nodules and a ribbed anus.

This toy is heavier and larger than others on our list, weighing in at 4.5 pounds and measuring about 5.5” tall, 6.7” long, and 8.7” wide. This provides more realism during your thrust. The TPE material is soft and pliable, feeling like real skin. The toy even comes with panties that you can put on the toy, so you can slide them off and have your way with the Jessica Onahole.

Bottom Line

The Jessica Onahole is designed for men who love the doggy style sex fantasy, but it is better suited for anal penetration. The vaginal cavity isn’t as durable as the anal cavity, so there isn’t much choice on which hole you should use. The Jessica Onahole doesn’t have the firmness of other models, which might influence the way it feels. Overall, it is an exciting addition to your collection, especially if doggy-style sex is one of your turn-ons.

4. Apple Bottom Spiral Onahole


  • Handheld, open-ended male stroker
  • An open vagina with buttocks, modeled after a woman with her legs spread for you.
  • A combination of small and large ribbing on the interior canal
  • Ergonomic shape the fits well in the hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Weighs about 3.2 ounces


  • Not very durable
  • Too short for longer guys

Another handheld, open-ended male stroker on our list – the Apple Bottom Onahole – is excellent for use on the go. The toy is a realistic open-vagina with buttocks, modeled after a woman with her legs spread for you. Ergonomically shaped to fit your hand, she is light at 3.2 ounces, but she comes with lots of stimulation.

With a combination of small and large bibbing on the interior canal, the inside grips you tightly and then lets go at just the right time. The best thing about the Apple Bottom Onahole is that you can adjust the tightness with just a squeeze of your hand. The foamy, fleshy material responds to pressure, giving you a different experience every time.

Bottom Line

The Apple Bottom Onahole is one of the most budget-friendly items on our list, and it is an excellent option for your first onahole. It is open-ended, like most handheld male strokers, but it has extra stimulation along the interior. Sections of tight and loose ribbing might take some time getting used to, but the Apple Bottom is perfect for men who want to try an onahole without investing too much money in something they aren’t sure that they’ll like.

5. ToysHeart Student Council Onahole


  • Anal onahole with hard plastic anal sphincter ring
  • Imitates the tightening anal muscle during first-time anal sex
  • Thin, flat entry leads to a ridged internal canal that simulates the feel of the rectal cavity
  • Realistic vagina mold on top (design only)
  • Vacuum design adds suction
  • Odor-free outside TPE material is softer for gripping; inside material is harder and more durable for long-lasting use


  • Just feels tight when you penetrate
  • Outside material doesn’t hold up well
  • The thicker interior cavity isn’t as stimulating as other models

If anal penetration is the ultimate fantasy of your sex life, then the ToysHeart Student Council Japanese Onahole is your perfect companion. This anal onahole has a hard plastic ring inside the odor-free TPE material that imitates the tightening sphincter muscle during first-time anal penetration. A thin, flat entry hole leads to a ridged internal canal that feels like the rectal cavity.

Measuring 6” long and 3” wide, the Student Council Onahole has a soft exterior, while a harder TPE lines the inside for more durability. The realistic vagina mold on top – placed as if you were penetrating missionary style – adds to the fantasy of enjoying your favorite schoolgirl’s backdoor for the first time. When you are using the onahole, a vacuum design sucks around your member for an eye-rolling experience.

Bottom Line

While the ToysHeart Student Council Japanese Onahole is great for men who love the idea of anal sex, this model is better for beginners to the toy. The thicker interior isn’t that stimulating during use, but the entry (with the ring) definitely feels like the real thing. You’ll need to handle this model with care since the outside material doesn’t hold up all that well. Even though this toy has a few drawbacks, we love it for its interesting design.

How to Clean an Onahole

There are many ways to clean an onahole, depending on the design you have. Open-ended onaholes are the easiest to clean, but you’ll need to put in a little more work into the closed-ended and dual-hole onaholes.

Open-ended onahole:

  1. Run the onahole under lukewarm water to flush it out
  2. Using a gentle hand soap, lather your hands and rub along the outside of the toy.
  3. Turn the onahole inside out, so that the interior canal is on the outside, and wash the interior.
  4. Rinse the inside and the outside of the toy under water.
  5. Pat the inside and the outside with a microfiber cloth to remove all excess water
  6. Let air dry.

Closed-ended onahole and dual-hole onaholes:

  1. Lather up your hands with a gentle soap.
  2. Using your finger, clean out the canal(s). This part is a little messy. If your fingers lose their soapiness or your hands get covered in lubricant and sperm, re-lather and repeat.
  3. Clean the outside
  4. Rinse the inside and the outside of the onahole.
  5. Pat outside dry with microfiber cloth.
  6. Drape the cloth around your finger and use it to wipe excess water out of the canals in an up-and-down motion. Make sure you repeat this step more than once, to completely dry the interior.
  7. Let air dry.
  8. Helpful tip: if using your hands doesn’t appeal to you, many Japanese manufacturers sell cleansing kits with an applicator that resembles a plunger. You fill the plunger with water and spray it inside the toy to clean it. These are relatively inexpensive, and they are an excellent tool for cleaning your onahole.


Onaholes are the most popular sex toy in Japan, and they are quickly making their entry into other countries. Their superior manufacturing and durability – plus the extra stimulation along the interior canals – make them a premier choice for a male masturbator. With so many options available, you will be able to find one that suits your desires.