Fleshlight Turbo Review

If you have spent any time at all looking into Fleshlights, you have probably come across the Turbo brand. Are these really the premier in Fleshlight models? Read on to learn more about this brand and if it’s worth all the hype.

Comparison of the Best Turbo Fleshlights


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Turbo Thrust Ice

Turbo Ignition Ice

Pros & Cons of Using the Turbo Fleshlight

Before we get too far into the full review of the Turbo Fleshlights, let's take a look at some of the overall pros and cons from the models. 


  • Versatility – the Turbo Fleshlight, as explained further below in the “What Makes the Turbo Fleshlight Unique?” section, has a variety of different entry points that can also all act separately from each other. This allows for users to insert into one entry point but not the others if they so choose, and also for lots of different angles and methods of entry. Users can really customize their oral sex experience with the Turbo Fleshlight.

  • Transparency – the Turbo Fleshlight is translucent, meaning you can see yourself entering and thrusting. This is a unique aspect of the Turbo Fleshlight that will be able to provide you with a completely different experience than other Fleshlights – and the real thing.

  • The “Deep Throat” Feeling – Turbo boasts that they have mastered the sensation of the “deep throat” better than any other Fleshlight brand, and the user reviews do not lie. If that is what you are looking for most in a Fleshlight, Turbo has for sure got it.


  • Not Lifelike – of course, it is up to each individual user what really turns them on in terms of Fleshlights, and for some people, lifelike Fleshlights with real-looking lips are just weird. But for some, it is more necessary, and the Turbo brand does not provide that.

  • Complicated to Clean – the down side of all of those different entry points and all of that versatility in terms of angles and sensations is that sometimes, certain stuff can get absolutely everywhere. While the Turbo Fleshlight does have an opening at the bottom to help drain everything out, you will probably have to get in there with your fingers to make sure it is absolutely clean.

What Makes The Turbo Fleshlight Unique?

Turbo Fleshlights are specifically designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex as closely as possible for a sex toy. To that end, the Turbos have three separate entry points in one continuous line.

The first entry point, on the tip of the Fleshlight, is designed to feel like a pair of lips. The second entry point, further inside, is tailored to mimic the sensation of someone’s tongue. The third and final entry point, beginning deeper inside the Fleshlight, is supposed to evoke the feeling of that pinnacle of blow jobs, the deep throat. 

Because the three entry points are separate from each other, you can also insert into one without experiencing the others, meaning you can come at the Fleshlight sideways and try out a lot of different angles. This could be a good time if you want to mimic the blow job experience as closely as possible and maybe get some fingers in the mix as well.

Review of the Best Fleshlight Turbo Fleshlights

Now that you know a bit more about the Turbo brand and what it is trying to accomplish, let’s move on to looking at some actual products!

1. Turbo Thrust Ice


  • Great internal texture
  • See through
  • Lots of insertable length
  • Good for both solo and partner play


  • Not as tight as other Fleshlight models
  • Suction from end cap is not that strong
  • Sleeve gets sticky really easily

The Turbo Thrust Ice is an awesome example from the Turbo brand. It comes in a sexy, ice blue color and is translucent, so you can see yourself thrusting deep inside (and you partner can see it too, making this an option for partner play as opposed to simply a solo activity).

It has the quality lips/tongue/deep throat sections of the Turbo brand and users report that there is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the internal sensations it produces.

Bottom Line

The Turbo Thrust Ice is a great Fleshlight that you can use when you are alone and want a blow job, or when you are with your partner and want to try something a little different. Be forewarned that some users needed to manually hold on to the end cap to create strong, tight suction – but if that is not an issue for you, full steam ahead on the Turbo Thrust Ice!

2. Turbo Ignition Ice


  • Provides a lifelike feeling
  • Suction level can be adjusted by twisting the end cap to modulate intensity
  • Sexy blue color
  • “Lip” section on this model is particularly realistic


  • Cleaning is complicated

The Turbo Ignition Ice is another fantastic Turbo Fleshlight model. Like the Thrust, it is also see through and also comes in a naughty blue shade.

The three different entrances that are the trademark of the Turbo brand are also present in this model, but users report that for the Ignition especially, the “lip” entry point is extremely realistic, to the point where users forget they are using a Fleshlight and not actually experiencing the real thing.

Additionally, the Ignition’s suction cap on the end can be twisted to different tightness levels, which create a more or less intense sucking sensation. You can really choose your own adventure with the Ignition!

Bottom Line

The Turbo Ignition Ice is a great example of a high-quality Turbo Fleshlight. Make sure you are willing to invest time to clean the toy afterwards – but we promise, it will be all worth it after the pleasure this little guy can bring you!


If you are looking for a unique, intense Fleshlight experience, it is difficult to beat the Turbo Fleshlight brand. With their multiple entry points and “deep throat” sensation, Turbo is the leader in Fleshlight innovation on today’s market.