Fleshlight STU Review

Men of the world…we have all had “that moment.” You know, the one where you are finally in bed with someone you have been into for forever, and this is your chance to really impress them and make them want to always come back, but you are just so excited and they feel so great that you finish after maybe three minutes. 

Not so impressive. Not so awesome for either of you. And you find yourself wishing there was some way of making sure that would never happen again, some way of almost training yourself to be able to last longer. Well, meet the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, better known as the Fleshlight STU. Read on to learn how the STU is going to solve all your problems.

Main Features

The Stamina Training Unit is not that impressive to look at initially, we will be honest with you. It looks like your basic Fleshlight pocket pussy, with a gold exterior that some may find a little tacky. And upon closer examination, it may not seem like that cool of a thing either.

The inside of the STU is ribbed with tiny pink bumps that do not appear as if they will ultimately provoke much stimulation. But let us tell you, it is all a facade. These bumps are actually what make the STU so great as a training tool. They are on the smaller side when compared to the ridges and lips you will find on other sex toys (and even other Fleshlight models), it’s true.

But because there are so many of them, your penis is provided with near-constant stimulation. This mode of pleasure is not something you will be able to experience with actual female partners, which means that when you are having sex with someone after practicing with the STU, no matter how good it feels or how much you like the person, you will be able to hold it in for longer.

The STU also comes with some patented Fleshlight perks, like an end cap that you can twist to adjust the tightness (and believe us, it is plenty tight).

Recap of Our Thoughts

If you are thinking, this sounds way too good to be true, you are not alone. Plenty of people have started using the STU with a skeptical attitude. If you have been burned multiple times by other toys claiming to be able to increase your stamina and you are at the point where you believe that could never actually be the case, give the STU a chance.

Here’s a more thorough breakdown of the STU’s specs for you nonbelievers: the STU is nine inches long and an inch and a half wide in diameter, so it is certainly able both to accommodate your length and provide that nice tight feeling you have been looking for.

The handle of the STU is ergonomically designed to allow for as much motion for as long as you need for your stamina training. The design also incorporates easy cleaning, as you can simply untwist the end cap, push the Fleshlight itself out of its container, and clean it with soap and warm water.

A final coat of renewal powder and you are good to go. 


Unique Sensation

Because the STU is specifically designed to help you build stamina in the bedroom, it has a different sensation than any other Fleshlight available. Users report that this sensation is, in some cases, even more pleasurable than the real deal! As mentioned above, the multitude of tiny pink bumps inside of the Fleshlight STU provide a constant level of stimulation that you will not be able to experience with any female partner, ever.

Increases Your Stamina 

The Stamina Training Unit really is able to accomplish what it boasts on the box, unlike a lot of the sex toy brands out there today. You may be feeling pretty jaded from experiences with pills, creams, and even other types of toys that list a number of claims about enhancing your abilities and stamina in bed, but the STU is not just making an empty claim that cannot be backed up. The STU actually does increase your stamina, and users report that after some training rounds with the STU, they are able to see a noticeable difference on their very next sexual encounter with a female partner.

Allows for Some Variation 

Users recommend full insertion, and then gently rotating the STU for an entirely new sensation. If you are somehow able to get tired of the constant pleasure the STU provides and are looking to shake things up, the STU is completely capable of doing so. Being their best-selling Fleshlight, it is compatible with all of their extras including the Shower Mount, the Launch and the ever popular Sleeve Warmer. Anything you want to use, you can with the STU.

Great option for Your First Fleshlight 

That is because this toy has everything that you want from a male masturbator without being too overwhelming. There is constant stimulation, a tight inner canal and the cap at the end which can be loosened or tightened to increase the suction on your penis while you play. It is also a classic vagina mold so isn’t too intimidating or particular to one person.

Not Just for Training 

Although the STU is designed to help you increase your stamina and can be considered as a training unit, that doesn’t mean that you can’t really, really enjoy it. It also feels so damn good that it is perfect for a quick orgasm if you completely let go instead of focusing too much on restricting yourself from orgasm. Its pretty much a no-fail toy. Even with the same texture throughout the whole inside of the sleeve, it has become a fan favorite, although it may not be the most exciting or stimulating overall. 


Material Quality 

The most common complaint among Fleshlight STU users is that the Fleshlight itself is not particularly durable. Users report the product tearing after a multitude of uses, though Fleshlight is pretty good about doing exchanges and returns. Additionally, the type of material used to make this Fleshlight is compatible only with water based lube, so it does limit some of your choices in that regard.  Although, you should not need to use your typical numbing lubricant anymore after training with the Fleshlight STU, so in the long run, your lubricant situation can only improve with time.

Tricky to Clean 

It is going to be a bit more difficult to clean than some of the other options. That’s because the sleeve is tight and literally full of round bumps. Just make sure you are thorough and there is no need to worry. 

What is the Fleshlight STU Best For?

The name says it all when it comes to the Fleshlight STU: the Stamina Training Unit is best for using it to train to increase your stamina. If you have been struggling to last for a long time, or even any time at all, and are feeling frustrated at the litany of products that have not been able to help, the STU is going to be the answer to all of your problems.

A note, though: the STU’s effects are not instantaneous. When it is described as a Training Unit, it means just that – you actually do have to consistently use the STU to see actual results, just like any other training or workout regimen.

Once you get used to using the STU, you should also try using it in increasingly arousing scenarios, such as with your favorite video, to get yourself to the point of being able to last even longer.

Bottom Line

The Fleshlight STU is an ideal toy for those who are looking to increase their sexual stamina and therefore provide their partners with a better, more pleasurable sexual experience. The STU’s unique design and specific enhancement capabilities really put it in a class all on its own when it comes to the Fleshlight brand.

Stop wasting your money on pills, powders, and creams, or other, more inferior sex toys. The STU is ready and waiting for you to take your sexual stamina to the next level with its intense beaded interior and twist cap for additional suction. Choose the STU and choose a better sex life overall.