Stoya Destroya Review

Time to say hello to your new favorite masturbator! I mean its only one of the best selling Fleshlights in the world. You may just like Stoya or perhaps it’s the inner sleeve texture you are after. Called the Destroya because it is basically designed to destroy your penis… in a good way of course! She is called America's sweetheart of smut because of her sassy attitude and interest in BDSM, so you know you are bound to have a fun time with this Fleshlight.

Main Features

Stoya is an absolute fan favorite in the porn world, and this Fleshlight molded directly from her actual vagina is as close as you will ever get to the real thing. Like all Fleshlights, it is made from their patented SuperSkin and is designed to feel as close to the real feel of a vagina as possible. And, they do a pretty damn good job. You can even warm up the sleeve in warm water or with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer before you play to make it feel even more realistic.

What really makes the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight so popular is is the intensity of the inner sleeve. While all Fleshlights have an internal texture, this one really takes stimulation to a whole new level and is one of the most intense textures available. It starts out with three small rings of bumps, then opens into the pleasure dome chamber with 360 degrees of nubbed sensation to completely encircle your penis.

From there you head through the tight connector into the largest chamber full of soft fangs to tug and pull on you. It finishes with a narrow ribbed section that gets tighter the deeper you go. This creates an awesome suction effect on the penis. Sounds pretty amazing right?!


Very Intense Texture

This is a very intense texture and is the perfect option for men that know they enjoy a lot of constant stimulation on the play while they penetrate their toys. Many say that it is even more intense than the Stamina Training Unit so you are likely to reach orgasm pretty quickly with this toy.

Great Internal Suction

The long prongs and tight chambers make for a tight suction along the length of the Fleshlight. The increasingly narrow end also provides a lot of suction to the penis. The further you reach into the Fleshlight, the more suction you will experience.

Nice, Tight Sleeve

Stoya Destroya is tight without being too overwhelmingly so. That means it will still fit men that have a larger than average girth too without it feeling too tight or uncomfortable. The far end is still very narrow but most men won’t reach the end unless they have a longer than average penis.

Compatible With All Fleshlight Accessories

Being part of the Fleshlight Girls range, this Fleshlight can be used with all Fleshlight accessories including the all-new Kiiroo Launch. This is an accessory that moves the Fleshlight up and down in time with your favorite porn stars in films so it feels like you are really there with them. You can also use it with the Sleeve Warmer, the Shower Mount and all Fleshlight cleaning and refreshing products.


Quite Tricky to Clean

This Fleshlight is tricky to clean and takes much longer to dry than other styles. It will literally take between 3-5 hours to dry depending on the temperature so it's not an ideal toy if you need to keep it hidden away.

Not Ideal for Beginners

Because of the intensity of the sleeves texture, this toy is probably not ideal for beginners as it might be game over a bit sooner than you would like. If you have used male masturbators before or other Fleshlights then this will be great for you.

Requires a Whole Lot of Lube

You will need a lot of lubricant as the nodes are very intense and tricky to get past without adequate lubrication. Make sure you only use water-based lubricant with this product as silicone or oil based lubes can break down the material and make it unsafe to use.

What is the Stoya Destroya Best For?

The Stoya Destroya is intense! And because of this, it is best used as a solo toy for some serious self-pleasure. Most men find that they reach climax fairly quickly with this toy, so it is not the best option for a warm-up toy or as part of foreplay. However, a night in with Stoya on the big screen and this Fleshlight? Well, that might just be the perfect night in and the best way to live out your Stoya fantasies.

The intensity of the texture also makes this a great training toll just the STU. Because it is designed to make you orgasm fast, you could use it to train yourself to last longer in bed. If you last a long time with this toy, then you shouldn’t have any problems with a real human.

Bottom Line

The Stoya Destroya is another amazing male masturbator from the Fleshlight Girls range. You get a realistic mold of Stoyas vagina, a super lifelike material and an extremely intense inner texture, what more could you ask for? Yes, there is a bit more cleaning involved with this Fleshlight but once you use it you will agree that it is all worth it.

Just remember that you can only use a water-based lubricant and clean it thoroughly with the Fleshlight toy cleaner to keep it great condition. You can also sprinkle with cornstarch or the Fleshlight Refresh powder to keep the material feeling soft once it dries. a