Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

We are willing to bet that at some point, you have been watching your favorite porn actress on screen and wishing that you could feel exactly what it feels like to be inside of her. You are not going to be happy with just your hand, or even with a superb Fleshlight product, you want to feel exactly what it would feel like to actually be with her. And now, Fleshlight has made such a thing possible.

If you have spent the last few years fantasizing about the lovely Riley Reid, now you can watch her on screen and feel exactly what she feels like at the same time with the Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight! It’s true, and you can have the feeling of having sex with Riley Reid today.

Main Features

The Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight is, of course, modeled after the beautiful and stunning Riley Reid. Fleshlight makes personalized products designed to exactly mimic pornography stars’ openings, whether that is anal or vaginal.

In this case, the Fleshlight is designed to mimic the feeling of Riley Reid’s vagina. It accomplishes this through a unique internal design that Fleshlight has trademarked called the “Utopia.”

The Utopia design features four distinct components. The entry to the Riley Reid Fleshlight has a series of soft ridges to begin to tease you. Midway through, the texture changes to a progression of large beads. The large beads give way to smaller beads in the third and longest iteration, and finally, at the end of the Fleshlight, another series of thicker ridges stimulate the very tip.

The Utopia design exactly imitates the feeling of Riley Reid’s vagina and provides you with the simulation of actually having sex with your favorite pornography star. The Riley Reid Fleshlight also happens to be made of high quality SuperSkin, which is temperature responsive. This means you can heat your Fleshlight to the exact temperature you would experience if you were to have sex with Ms. Reid herself.

Recap of Video Review

The Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight provides you with the unique experience of feeling what it is like to actually have sex with Ms. Riley Reid herself. The external edges of the Fleshlight are modeled specifically off of Riley Reid’s lips, so the entrance of the Fleshlight looks as much like her vagina as you will be able to see on screen.

But the true allure of the Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight is not in the external view – oh no! The best thing about this fantastic sex toy is that it feels exactly how Riley Reid feels on the inside, with a tailored design specifically intended to mimic the porn star’s own individual curves and ridges.

The Fleshlight allows for nine inches of penetration (perhaps more than little Ms. Reid herself?), so no matter what your size, you will be able to experience full immersion in Ms. Reid. For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below.


  • Riley Reid experience – Riley Reid is without a doubt one of the most attractive pornography stars on today’s porn scene. If you have always experienced jealousy watching the men who get to have sex with Riley on screen, be envious no more. With the Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight, you can actually experience what it feels like to have sex with Ms. Reid. How many sex toys can give you an experience like that?

  • Utopia design – the combination of the Riley Reid experience with the Utopia pleasure design really puts this Fleshlight over the edge when it comes to pleasure. The opportunity to have four different pleasure sensations when penetrating this Fleshlight is really one that is unparalleled by any other available model, whether modeled after a porn star or not. The fact that this toy is modeled after a porn star AND provides the Utopia design is really a deal maker.

  • Realistic look – to go along with the Riley Reid factor, this Fleshlight is one of the most physically realistic Fleshlight toys out there. It does not just feel like an actual vagina, it looks like an actual vagina.


  • Large – inherent in the design of providing the Utopia sensation all throughout the Fleshlight is the fact that this Fleshlight is larger and therefore more cumbersome than most other Fleshlights you will be able to find. This quality does not make it any less pleasurable, of course, but it does mean you may have to devote more focus to the holding and manipulating of the Fleshlight during use. We promise, though, even if you need two hands to hold it, it will all be worth it in the end – and come on, it’s not like actually having sex with Riley Reid would be a hands-free experience, either.

What is the Riley Reid Fleshlight Best For?

We really cannot recommend highly enough the experience of using the Riley Reid Fleshlight while actually watching pornographic videos starring Riley Reid. The idea that you are feeling exactly what the male actor is feeling as he has sexual intercourse with this beautiful woman is a sexual experience that is completely unparalleled.

We would like to note that this unparalleled sexual experience is definitely best when experienced while completely alone. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate Fleshlight use into partner play, we doubt there are a lot of women out there who would be turned on at the thought of their partner being aroused by a Fleshlight modeled to exactly resemble another woman’s vagina. Plus, then you would lose out on the experience of watching Ms. Reid and feeling Ms. Reid at the same time.

Bottom Line

If you have ever wondered what it actually feels like to have sex with a famous pornography star, wonder no longer. The Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight is a fantastic toy from the Fleshlight brand designed to mimic that exact experience.

Because it is from Fleshlight, you will be able to trust the quality of both the materials and the pleasure it provides. Allow the Utopia design of the Riley Reid Personalized Fleshlight to take your self love experience to a whole new level. Masturbation will truly never be the same again.