Fleshlight Mini Lotus Review

Like it nice, tight and super realistic? Maker of the best selling sleeve masturbators in rigid cases, Fleshlight recently introduced the Mini Lotus creating a sexy new riff on their popular Lotus design. Now you can enjoy a more intense and satisfying experience with an exciting extra-narrow entrance, roomy “lotus node” and a wavy of the textured inner channel that is about as close as you can get to the real thing.

  • Best selling sleeve
  • Top pick amongst first-time buyers
  • Features textured waves that vary in diameter
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  • Amazing Tightness, Intensity Suction
  • Realistic Touch and Texture
  • Options
  • Great for Average to Small Guys


  • Slightly More Difficult to Clean

Main Features

Like all Fleshlight sleeves, the Mini Lotus is made of SuperSkin material known for its supple, realistic feel and durability. This toys comes in pink Superskin and is available with their a Lady or Butt orifice.

The inner channel has 9 inches of penetrable length. Fleshlight claims that the Lotus design is “most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible” with a smooth, narrow entrance that into a wider “lotus node” chamber is followed by waves of ribbed fins. The Mini Lotus intensifies the original Lotus design with a tighter 0.4” opening; a lotus node that is much nearer the entrance (2” vs 4” in the original); and textured waves that are closer together.

You will need a case for your Mini Lotus but can order the whole toy custom with your choice of case colors through Fleshlight’s “Build Your Own” option or if you already own a Fleshlight, you can buy just the sleeve and swap it out.


Amazing Tightness, Intensity Suction

The overall design of the inner canal of the Mini Lotus design has so much to offer. The tight entrance makes for a pleasurable penetration and continuous shaft “hug”. Moving through the roomy “lotus node” creates an amazing suction before the finned texture beyond provides ongoing, intense sensation. Even experienced users reported extreme satisfaction.

Realistic Touch and Texture

Fleshlight’s SuperSkin is a technological wonder and when paired with the Lotus texture, it creates sensations that are about a close to feel of real intercourse as you can get from a sleeve. The SuperSkin is soft and velvety to the touch with the firm but plush give of actual flesh. The tight-then-roomy-then-ridged interior feels remarkably close the inside of a real vagina. Added bonus, SuperSkin warms when heated with warm water or the sleeve warmer giving an even more realistic experience.


Everyone likes choices. Even after you’ve narrowed down Fleshlight’s dozens of options down to the Mini Lotus sleeve, you can still tweak your toy to your preferences. You can choose a Lady or Butt orifice and if you are building your own, can decide which case you like: black, blue, or silver.

Great for Average to Small Guys

Why should big guys have all the fun? By moving all the texture inside the Mini Lotus closer to the entrance, this sleeve promises to offer more stimulation than the original Lotus. The design especially benefits men with average to small penises who might not get to enjoy the full effect of the original.


Slightly More Difficult to Clean

This was about the only thing nearing to a con that we could find about the Mini Lotus. Due to the concave shapes created by the inner texture of the sleeve, lube and semen tend to pool inside of the toy. Rinsing just won’t do the job on this toy. Careful and thorough cleaning with Fleshwash, including turning it inside out is necessary to keep your sleeve fresh and preserve its lifespan.

What is the Fleshlight Mini Lotus Best For?

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus is for someone looking for a tight entrance and realistic stimulation from their masturbation sleeve. It can be used alone or with a partner or paired with one of Fleshlight’s ingenious mounts. Strap it to the LaunchPad and attach your tablet for a solo “Porno & Chill” night or plug it into a Launch for an auto-stroking hands-free out of this world experience. A favorite first-time buyers, Mini Lotus offers quality performance that will keep both the newbie and pro happy for a long time.

Bottom Line

The Mini Lotus consistently rates among Fleshlight’s best. It feels real. It feels good. It does the job for everyone from smaller than average to big boys, from new users to veterans. If you don’t already have one, then this the treat you deserve.