Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

Not all Fleshlight girls are sweet young things. Lisa Ann, a legend among MILF-y porn stars best known for her role as “Nailin’ Palin”, now has her own set of Fleshlight pocket masturbators that will show you a good time with perfect replicas of her sexiest parts.

Main Features

The Lisa Ann lives up the best of Fleshlight’s world famous design of a penetrable sleeve in a rigid case. The 9.5” sleeve is made of lifelike pink SuperSkin material with your choice of either Lisa Ann’s lady - a youthful, but roomy layering of vaginal lips and a prominent clitoral hood - or her butt design, which shows off her cute little pucker and trademark butt dimple.

The lady sleeve interior has two chambers full of front facing bristles separated by a band of constriction about 3 inches in. The swirling action of the bristles create its distinctive “Barracuda” grip full of rubbing and tugging sensations.

The butt interior features the “Savage” inner sleeve texture with its super-realistic spiraling ribs. Both designs come in the classic white Fleshlight case with a removable cover and adjustable end cap to control suction. 


Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

Lisa Ann’s lady opening is modeled after her actual parts in more ways than one. Not only is it old school with its meaty realistic lips, but it also has a comfortable, broken-in feeling - not too tight, not not too loose. This Mama Bear is “just right”.

Realistic “Savage” Texture

Fleshlight’s SuperSkin always provides a wonderfully realistic touch with its soft and  responsive feel. The “Savage” interior texture of the butt design adds even more realism with a.ridged, swirling interior that offers intense stimulation with a similar feel to actual anal sex.

Amazing “Barracuda” Suction

If you purchase the lady design, you are in for one of the strongest suctions available from any Fleshlight sleeve. The way the long, finger-like bristles of the “Barracuda” texture curve around your shaft makes for a strong, grip-like massage. The texture is so intense that some users report extreme pleasure even from only using the first chamber for head stimulation.

Play Along Potential

As with any of the Fleshlight girls, you have the unique advantage of turning on one of their films and enjoying feeling as well as seeing the action. If you are into cougars - or want to see if you can be - Lisa Ann is happy to be your teacher.


More Difficult to Clean

Cleaning is going to be more challenging with highly textured sleeves as opposed to ones with smooth interiors and the Lisa Ann - especially the lady “barracuda” - has lots of shapes to clean in and around. To prevent mustiness, you will need to turn your sleeve inside out and thoroughly clean with Fleshwash and dry it after every use.

Must Use Lube

Lots of texture means lots of friction. For the most comfortable and orgasmic experience, don’t forget to add plenty of lube like Fleshlube. This isn’t really a con in our book though. Wetter is always better.

What is the Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight Best For?

Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight is great for fans of the star or anyone with MILF fantasies. Both the lady “Barracuda” and butt “Savage” textures work great for solo play or with a partner that likes to watch. “Savage” in particular has been a good option for anyone interested in trying out the sensation of anal play or in situations where your partner finds penetration impossible. Lisa Ann also a great product to pair up with the Launchpad, as you can mount your tablet playing “Who's Nailin' Paylin?”, pop in your favorite Lisa Ann Fleshlight and be all set for a very good evening.

Bottom Line

With two amazing style options, Lisa Ann is as pleasing in a Fleshlight as she in on screen. The experience is sultry and satisfying with the quality and durability you have come to expect from Fleshlight.