Fleshlight Launch Review

Well, we have officially entered the future. And what has led to this, ahem, seminal moment? We now actually have sex robots! It is absolutely true. The well-known pocket pussy brand Fleshlight has partnered with the technical genius company Kiiroo to give us the Fleshlight Launch, a sex toy robot that deeply personalizes your Fleshlight experience.

Have you ever been watching really great, quality pornography and thought, I wish I could feel like I was actually there, actually experiencing this? Yearn no longer – the Fleshlight Launch can take you there.

Main Features

You may be thinking, this all sounds impossible. No way can a sex toy actually make me feel the same sensations that the male actors in pornography feel, even if it is some sort of robot. Well, it’s the truth.

The Launch is a technician’s wet dream (get it?), with an insertion port to hold the tried and true Fleshlight of your choice, and an interactive mode where you can match the device to a selection of pornographic videos. The device will “read” the video and time the pumping of the Fleshlight to exactly match the sex that you are watching play out on the screen. It is the closest you can get to actually experiencing the pornography you are watching with today’s technology.

In case that does not get you excited enough, there is also a manual mode, where you can use the touch strip of the device to create your own rhythmic sensations. There are a variety of different modes available on the Launch, so you can really dictate what exactly you want your experience to be.

Whether you want to go along with what the video dictates or choose your own adventure, the Fleshlight Launch is going to give you a pleasure experience like never before!


Fully Automatic 

We all know the feeling of going a little too hard with your hand, or with a Fleshlight product, or some other version of pocket pussy, and the next thing you know, you’re exhausted and sore and annoyed instead of reveling in your pleasure. The Fleshlight Launch fixes that problem once and for all by doing all the pumping for you. You can just sit back, relax, and either use the touch strip to tell the Launch how to pleasure you (which requires significantly less energy than pumping it yourself), or use interactive mode to tailor the pleasure to a video.

Compatible with all Fleshlights 

We somehow really, really doubt you are going to ever become bored with this toy, but if there does come a time when you want to make your experience a little different, you could always swap out whatever Fleshlight you have been using for a different model. Then you could try out all the different modes and go re-watch all of your favorite videos with a completely different look and feel.

Unique Experience 

Does it need to be said? This toy can give you a pleasure ride that you will not be able to find anywhere else on the market today. The manual mode alone is enough to buy it, but when you bring in the interactive mode AND its virtual reality capabilities? If you want a top of the line toy that is going to make you very, very happy, check out the Fleshlight Launch.


Lube Intensive 

The Fleshlight Launch requires a LOT of lubricant. As in, more than you have right now. We don’t care if you have a year’s worth supply stocked up, go buy some more. When the Launch gets going it really, really goes, and you will likely need to load up and frequently reapply.

Difficult to clean 

The main factor here is the size and weight of the Launch. It is on the bulky side both in terms of space it takes up and how heavy it feels to carry. It is a little difficult to lug around and therefore cleaning it can be a little complicated, what with the effort it will take to manipulate it to all the exact right angles to get it fully clean.

What is the Fleshlight Launch Best For?

The activities the Fleshlight Launch is best for are going to vary by user and each user’s preference. There are users that are going to most enjoy the manual mode, where they can just sit back, relax, and feel without having to worry about doing all the pumping themselves.

There are going to be those users that have always dreamed about having a toy that would sync up to their favorite pornography video and make them feel as if they are really there, in the moment. No matter what type of user you may be, there is always going to be one thing you make sure to consider when using the Fleshlight Launch: it is pretty damn loud.

This toy is definitely not a choice you want to make when there are other people home, or if you live in an apartment with thin walls. As long as you have the ability to be discreet, you can use the Fleshlight Launch to customize your pleasure any way you would like.

Bottom Line

The Fleshlight Launch really is in a class all its own when it comes to sex toys, and even when it comes to Fleshlights. The Launch has rewritten the rules of the game when it comes to best in class toy. It has elevated masturbation to a technological masterpiece with its incorporation of video syncing and even virtual reality.

Be forewarned that is it unlike any other sex toy in a variety of ways, and some of those can be cumbersome, such as cleaning and transportation. But overall, we do not think you will be disappointed with the Fleshlight Launch.