Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight Review

No one does voyeurism quite like Kendra Sunderland, the cam girl who took over the world. Made famous as the “Library Girl” who was arrested for public indecency when her public space cam show went viral, Kendra is now offering a Fleshlight close-up of your very own.

Main Features

Kendra Sunderland’s “Angel” to the Fleshlight Girl lineup of penetrable sleeves in a rigid case based on the world’s best porn stars. The pink SuperSkin inner sleeve material is soft, lifelike and durable with a slender and petite lady entrance.

The canal is wider like the classic lady Fleshlight sleeves ranging from 0.58” to 1.18” wide and 9” deep. The texture features multiple layers of spiral-shaped pleasure halos starting with 2” of clockwise, twirling cross ribs, followed by four large ribs going counter-clockwise, then another spiraling cross rib section and finally four rings of bumps and at 7.5” deep a final chamber narrowed by block shapes.

For cleaning, Kendra’s sleeve can easily be removed from the white case with its protective cover and suction-adjusting base.


Wrapping Pull and Vibration in the Beginning

The spiraling textures at the start of the “Angel” sleeve create a wrapping sensation that feels like it is pulling you inside. In addition, the ribbing immediately follow offers an almost vibrating feeling as you pop through them.

Gentle Constriction

The rest of the sleeve canal is wider and offers gentle stimulation and very light constriction. It makes it idea for a guy with a thicker penis or who likes realistic roominess and less intensity.

Great for Thicker and Longer Guys

As noted above, the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight isn’t as tight as some other models. Also, it’s narrowest areas are at the end between 7.5” and 9”. If you are thicker or longer, you will get the most stimulation out this toy without any uncomfortable constriction.


Moderately Difficult to Clean

Highly textured sleeves are generally more difficult to clean. The wideness of Kendra’s sleeve makes it easier to clean than most, though users noted that the “halos” tend to trap fluids necessitating inverting the sleeve to get everything washed up well.

What is the Kendra Sunderland’s Fleshlight Best For?

Kendra Sunderland’s Fleshlight is great for fans of the star or anyone who wants to play active voyeur to the “Library Girl”. It can be used alone or with a partner who likes to watch. The gentleness of the stimulation also makes it ideal for an average sized guy who likes long leisurely masturbation sessions. It can also work well for a well-endowed man who needs a wider sleeve. Like all Fleshlight girl products, the tablet and case combo mount called the Launchpad makes an excellent accessory to this sleeve.

Bottom Line

Kendra Sunderland’s “Angel” textured Fleshlight lives up to its name with a heavenly gentle, penis hugging quality. Now you no longer have to be a bystander when enjoying one of her films.