Fleshlight Go Review

Perfect for on the go, the Fleshlight Go Surge is 17% smaller than classic Fleshlights making them a lot more discreet and easier to travel with as they take up less room in the suitcase. They still offer the awesome feeling and stimulation of the classic Fleshlights too just with a much smaller and lighter body to them.

Instead of the usual 9 inches, these are only 7 inches in insertable length which means that you get to really experience the full stimulation that the sleeve has to offer, instead of leaving a few unreachable inches at the end with the full sized ones.

Main Features

As discussed above, it is really the smaller size of the Fleshlight Go Surge that makes it such a popular masturbator, especially for those that travel a lot or just want a toy that is a bit more discreet.

But what also sets this toy apart from others is its amazing inner sleeve texture. It has two main chambers which offer continuously intense stimulation throughout the full length of the sleeve and a tight part through the middle which creates a lot of suction.

The first chamber has checkerboard style ribs throughout which start out quite wide and decrease in width as you move through them. The raised ribs also face in different directions so you get stimulation on the inward thrusts and when you remove yourself from the toy too. There is a tightly and highly textured connection in the middle of the sleeve and then the first chamber is mirrored again at the end.

As it is mirrored, it starts tight and widens towards the end. So overall the two ends are the widest and it is tightest through the middle part of the toy. This creates amazing levels of suction and a very tight, intense fit.


Smaller Size

I know, I know I have talked about this a lot, but we can’t deny that for many, this is a real pro for this toy. As it is smaller, it is also tighter than some other styles, but it is also lighter to hold which means that it can be used comfortably for longer periods of time and can also be used in a wider range of positions as it is easier to maneuver than full-sized options. It is also easier to use with a partner as it is lighter for them to hold and move up and down.

Reach Even Further

The shorter length means that more men can actually reach the end and make the most of this toy and the full experience that the inner sleeve offers. A lot of men miss the end of the full-sized Fleshlights as they cannot thrust that far. But, with this toy, you can feel it all.

Intense Suction

The tight inner connection between the two chambers makes the suction very intense. This is good for people with very sensitive heads as it gets wider towards the end so there is less intensive stimulation on the head of the penis but it stays tight through the rest of the shaft. In fact, it is so tight that the middle almost feels like it needs a second thrust. It's like you get two openings instead of just one.


Cleaning Isn’t so Easy

That tight inner sleeve makes cleaning tricky and this is probably one of the most difficult Fleshlights to clean especially because it does become so tight in the middle. Luckily it is a bit shorter than most so you can get your hands a bit further in to make sure you give it a thorough wash.

Might be Too Short for Some

Although the small size is one of the product's benefits, for some this might actually make the toy too small for their penis size. Long penises or penises with a large girth may struggle to fit comfortably so make sure you check out the measurements before you get one because hitting the hard plastic case at the end won’t be too fun.

What is the Fleshlight Go Best For?

The small size of this toy makes it the perfect option for people that travel a lot but still want to enjoy themselves along the way. It can fit pretty easily inside a suitcase and is light enough to not add too much weight to your baggage allowance or be too heavy to carry.

This lightness also makes it ideal for long play sessions as it won’t put too much extra weight onto your arm and you can move it up and down along your shaft more easily. For the same reason, it is a lot of fun to use with a partner too during foreplay. You can move it while they watch or stimulate you elsewhere or they can use it on you easily.

The small size also makes it great for men with small penises as it still provides a lot of suction and stimulation without feeling like you are missing out on a whole world of stimulation at the end of the Fleshlight.

Bottom Line

If a full sized Fleshlight just isn’t your thing, then the Fleshlight Go Surge might be exactly what you are after. Its 2 inches smaller, a whole lot lighter and is super easy to take with you wherever you go or to just fit more easily into your bedside drawer. It also has a smaller width and a tighter fit so is the ideal option for smaller penises. Just because its smaller doesn’t mean that you lose out on stimulation.

This texture is awesome and it is very intense. Plus, because of the shorter size, you really don’t miss out on any of it. Just be careful with cleaning because the tightness can make that slightly more difficult. Follow the instruction and take extra care throughout the tightest parts of the sleeve to make sure you don’t miss anything.