Best Fleshlight Girls

If you’ve ever searched the internet or your local adult novelty shop for a Fleshlight, you’ll notice that some of them have pictures of the most famous porn stars in the industry. This isn’t an advertising ploy: Fleshlight Girls are a specific line of toys molded from these women’s sexual body parts. Whether you want to try anal with Jenna Haze or a low-down kinky session with Asa Akira, the Fleshlight Girls line allows you to fulfill your fantasies.

Comparison of the Best Fleshlight Girls


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Eva Lovia

Lisa Ann

Asa Akira

Alexis Texas

Dillion Harper

​Christy Mack

​Kendra Sunderland

​Jena Haze

Are All Fleshlight Girls The Same?

The Fleshlight Girls allow you to imagine that you are having sex with the porn star that served as the model for the toy. While the best-selling Fleshlights are the vagina models, you can choose either a mouth or an anus, depending on your particular turn-on. All Fleshlights are made with the company’s patented SuperSkin material, which is a rubber polymer with a smooth feel that imitates real skin. SuperSkin is a plastic-free material that is phthalate-free, latex-free, and silicone free, making it perfect for body-safe play.

Let’s be honest: a vagina is like a fingerprint. Since the Fleshlight Girls line are crafted from different women, no two Fleshlight Girls will look the same. There are differences in the texture of the inner canal, so one model will feel different from another when you penetrate it. Each of the Fleshlight Girls has their own design in the texture. These designs are a combination of chambers of ridges and/or nodules meant to stimulate the nerve endings in your erection.

Fleshlight vaginas will always feel tight, but some models are more close-fitting than others. The width of the interior canal usually ranges from 0.5” to 1”, but the material is stretchy to accommodate your size. The mouth models have more suction to simulate the feeling of a blowjob, and the anus models tend to feel tighter. Some of the back-door models come as the complete image (butt cheeks and all), or they are just the anus (imitating the appearance of a woman spreading her cheeks).

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Fleshlight Girl Masturbator

When it comes to male strokers, many men will tell you that the Fleshlight is the best thing since sliced bread. Since it is the #1 best-selling male sex toy on the market, this is most likely true. You should know a few things before dropping your hard-earned cash on your favorite Fleshlight Girl.

They Require Deeper Cleaning

Although SuperSkin is body-safe, the soft and supple feel of the Fleshlight makes it a porous material. To keep it in the best condition, you’ll need to take extra care in cleaning your Fleshlight. Using a condom will help with clean-up, but you’ll need to clean your toy with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and a renewing powder. The toy cleaner will prevent the spread of bacteria, keeping your Fleshlight safe for the next use.

After cleaning it with toy cleaner, you’ll need to air-dry it to make sure that all of the ridges and nodules are dry before applying the renewing powder. The renewing powder will retain the SuperSkin’s smooth qualities. Without using this powder, your toy will start to feel sticky after a few uses.

Fleshlights Are Designed to be Discreet, But They Are Not Small 

The Fleshlight gets its name from its exterior casing that, when closed, looks like a flashlight. Although this is meant to keep the toy clean and hidden from prying eyes, the Fleshlight is by no means a small toy. They measure about 10” in length, but they are not so bulky that you can’t use it comfortably. Since it is larger than most hand-held strokers, think about where you will store it before purchasing.

They Are Worth the Expense 

Like any quality toy, the Fleshlights are an expensive piece of equipment. However, they are customizable so that you can create a toy catered to your needs. Fleshlight sells replacement sleeves for each of their toys, so you can easily switch out the interior for an entirely different feeling without having to purchase a whole new Fleshlight.

The sleeves are considerably cheaper, so you can build up a collection of them to make every experience different. The company also sells attachments, such as a shower mount, a sleeve warmer, and an automatic stroker (for complete hands-free use), for a more enjoyable experience.

Talk to Your Partner 

Many men feel like they have to hide the Fleshlight from their partner. Talking over this purchase with your partner will most likely have the opposite effect. He or she will most likely be open to using the Fleshlight during foreplay, which can greatly enhance your bedroom activities.

Review of the Best Fleshlight Girls

With so many options for models of Fleshlight Girls, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the selections. No worries there: we’ve reviewed the best Fleshlight Girls, so you can get to enjoying your newest toy that much faster.

1. Eva Lovia Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girl molded from porn star Eva Lovia
  • 9” of insertable length
  • Available in two models of Eva’s vagina or anus
  • Twisting the smaller back cap increases the suction
  • Compatible with water-based lubricant
  • Interior sleeve has chambers of ridges and nodules for extra stimulation


  • Too tight for thicker men
  • Subtle differences in the chambers may not be as stimulating as other models

Since bursting onto the porn scene a few years ago, Eva Lovia’s demure yet exotic appeal has earned her a loyal following. Entering the world of pornography with exclusively girl-on-girl scenes, she is famous for her appearances in the films Kill Bill: A XXX Parody and Star Wars Underworld: A XXX Parody.

With the Eva Lovia Fleshlight, you can pretend like she is right there with you. Available in two models molded from Eva’s vagina and anus, this toy has chambers of ridges and nodules for stimulating your erection. At 9” long, the Eva Lovia Fleshlight will arouse your whole length with ease. Complete with the trademark Fleshlight casing, you can store Eva in a closet or a drawer for your next session.

Bottom Line

The Eva Lovia Fleshlight is a great starter item for those interested in the Fleshlight Girls line. The ridges and nodules on the interior gently stimulate you during thrusting, adding to your pleasure. Although the SuperSkin stretches, the canal might feel too tight on thicker men. With proper care, the material holds up well, and the sleeve is removable for cleaning and replacement.  

2. Lisa Ann Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girl molded from porn veteran Lisa Ann
  • 9” of insertable length
  • Available in two models of Lisa’s vagina or anus
  • Compatible with water-based lubricant
  • Twisting the smaller back cap increases the suction
  • Interior sleeve has two chambers of ticklers to stimulate your erection during penetration
  • Durable external casing for discreet storage


  • Not for men who want an extra-tight fit
  • The texture may not be intense enough
  • Better for head stimulation

Lisa Ann has been a fixture in the porn industry for years, but she is best-known for her depictions of Sarah Palin in several parody films. This busty MILF is living proof that sex appeal doesn’t have an age limit. With the Lisa Ann Fleshlight, you can enjoy all of her films with her in the room.

With two different styles molded from Lisa’s vagina and butt, this Fleshlight Girls model is all about gentle stimulation. Once you penetrate the toy, there are two chambers along the inner canal: a shorter one followed by a longer one.

The barracuda interior texture is covered in tickler nodules that rub and stimulate your erection. This particular style is best for stimulating the most sensitive nerve endings in the tip of your penis. The Lisa Ann Fleshlight feels tight, but it isn’t uncomfortable for the larger man. The texture isn’t too intense so that you can go the distance with a longer session.

Bottom Line

You can have your favorite porn star within palm’s reach with the Lisa Ann Fleshlight. With two chambers of ticklers along the 9” chamber, this toy gently massages your erection for long-lasting pleasure. Although it isn’t as tight as other models, the looser fit allows for a more relaxing experience.

3. Asa Akira Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girl molded from Asa Akira
  • Improves your endurance with every use
  • Design provides the same suction and stimulation no matter your speed
  • 9” insertable length
  • Swirls and Ridges along inner canal
  • Available in models of Asa Akira’s vagina or anus
  • Good for longer sessions


  • Tight on thicker men (can also be a pro)
  • Gentle ridging may not be stimulating enough for some

As one of the most popular Asian porn stars, Asa Akira has been in the porn business for over 12 years, appearing in films and streaming videos. Starting with girl-on-girl scenes, she has starred in over 500 adult films, with other appearances on digital platforms. Keeping in line with her insatiable sexual appetite, the Asa Akira Fleshlight has a unique design to improve your endurance with every use.

With a 9” interior, this amazing tool provides the same suction and stimulation, whether you go fast or slow. The swirls and ridges along the inner canal gently massage your erection for eye-rolling relaxation. Available in molds of her vagina or anus, the Asa Akira Fleshlight is perfect for longer play.

Bottom Line

The Asa Akira Fleshlight is perfect for men who want to enjoy their solo sessions. The gentle ridging on the interior stimulates your whole length while the suction increases your sensitivity. While it might feel too tight on thicker men, the flexibility of the SuperSkin can accommodate any length and girth. Unlike the other Fleshlights on our list, the perfect storm of the suction and stimulation help you improve your endurance. The Asa Akira Fleshlight is ideal for all men of all sensitivity levels.

4. Alexis Texas Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girls model molded from Alexis Texas
  • Sleeve warms up with your body temperature during use
  • The sleeve easily removes for cleaning
  • The 9” canal with ridges and nodules fits the length of most men
  • The width of the interior only measures 0.5” wide for a tight fit


  • Long drying time
  • Not enough variation in texture
  • Gentle ridges not as stimulating as nodules

After over ten years in adult films, Alexis Texas is a well-known figure in the industry. Known for performing anal and group sex scenes, she’s won several adult film awards for her work. The Alexis Texas Fleshlight is molded from the blond beauty’s vagina. The 9” inner canal measures only 0.5” wide for a tight fit. You can feel the interior ridges and nodules down your whole length as the movement warms up the sleeve for a realistic feel.

Using a quality water-based lubricant only adds to the pleasure. Once you finish, the sleeve slides out easily for cleaning with your favorite antibacterial toy cleaner and renewing powder. With the Alexis Texas Fleshlight, your favorite porn star is available for only your pleasure.

Bottom Line

Although the Alexis Texas Fleshlight has a sturdy design, the texture leaves little to be desired. The ridges are shallow, leaving the nodules to do all of the work. The SuperSkin is flexible, but the width of the interior might feel too tight on thicker erections. This model is better for men who want a gentle stimulation during their solo sessions.

5. Dillion Harper Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girls model molded from Dillion Harper
  • Available in two shapes molded from Dillion Harper’s vagina and butt
  • 9” inner canal has a combination of twists, ridges, and nodules for extra stimulation
  • Compatible with water-based lubricant
  • Narrow channel for a tight fit


  • Long drying time
  • Too tight for thicker men
  • Textures are not that defined

The well-endowed petite beauty Dillion Harper made her living as a nude model before beginning her performances in adult films in 2012. Since then, she has brought a unique girl-next-door appeal to the industry. With the Dillion Harper Fleshlight, you can have her any which way you like. In two designs molded from her vagina or her butt, you can choose the play.

Compatible with water-based lubricant, this toy has a 9” interior, full of twists, ridges, and nodules for over-the-top pleasure. The fantasy of taking the naïve and bubbly Dillion’s innocence is more real than ever with a narrow inner canal for a tighter fit. With a snug fit and the extra stimulation in the Dillion Harper Fleshlight, you’ll get there in no time.

Bottom Line

If young debutantes are your thing, then you need the Dillion Harper Fleshlight. With a super smooth exterior, the inner canal has a gentle texture meant to stimulate and excite. The super tight fit isn’t for everyone, and the subtle feel of the interior might not impress men who are experienced with other models of the Fleshlight. Overall, the slow burn that this toy incites is worth checking out.

6. Christy Mack Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girls molded from Christy Mack
  • Vulva has open lips for inviting appeal
  • The inner canal is 9” long and 1” diameter
  • Intense stimulation with tunnels, ridges, nodules, and bumps
  • Compatible with water-based lubricant


  • Long drying time
  • Might not feel tight enough for men who want a snugger fit

After a six-year career in the world of porn, Christy Mack flipped the script on what men consider sexy. This curvy, tattooed goddess with her trademark mohawk brought her punkish appeal to the screen, and she remains one of the most popular porn stars today. The Christy Mack Fleshlight brings the woman’s anything-goes attitude to play with open lips and a decadent feel.

The inner canal is 9” long and 1” wide for a comfortable fit, with intense stimulation once you penetrate. A series of tunnels, ridges, nodules, and bumps will send you over the edge in no time. Adding a water-based lubricant will only intensify the experience.

Bottom Line

With the Christy Mack Fleshlight, you can fulfill your fantasy of taming this wild woman. The soft SuperSkin and extra-stimulating interior will make any man go insane. At 1” thick, it isn’t for men who crave a tight fit. The real downside to this toy is that the defined textures take a while to dry after cleaning. With a comfortable feel and stimulating inner canal, the Christy Mack Fleshlight will thrill all of her fans.

7. Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girls modeled from Kendra Sunderland
  • Interior canal has twists, nubs, ridges, and nodules
  • The channel is tighter at the end for more stimulation to the head
  • Interior measures 9” long and 0.75” wide
  • Not too tight, with extra stimulation


  • Long dry time after cleaning
  • The extra texture makes lube dry out quickly

You might not know Kendra Sunderland by name because of her sudden arrival into the industry. The broke college student famously stripped down in her college’s library for a solo show without getting caught, earning her the nickname the Oregon State Library Girl. She signed with Vixen films after her video went viral, and she became an overnight sensation during her brief stay in the industry. You can finally have your dream girl with the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight.

This vaginal model molded from Kendra’s delightful entrance leads to an interior canal with twists, ridges, and nubs for an eye-rolling experience. At 9” long and 0.75” wide, the inside of the Fleshlight is tighter at the end for more stimulation to the head of your erection. The width isn’t too tight with extra stimulation guaranteed to thrill you during every solo session.

Bottom Line

The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight is perfect for men who want a slow build to a satisfying experience in their toy. While the whole canal is meant to stimulate every inch of your length, the tighter end towards the back focuses on head stimulation. Although the intensity of the texture makes cleaning a hassle, you’ll love every rub and tingle of this toy.

8. Jenna Haze Fleshlight


  • Fleshlight Girls model molded from Jenna Haze
  • An incredibly detailed exterior of Jenna’s beautiful vulva
  • Feels tighter as you go deeper
  • Inner canal measures 9” in length
  • The nodules take up the whole canal without any open spaces


  • Too intense for sensitive men
  • Feels tight
  • Takes extra care to clean

You know Jenna Haze – unless you have been living under a rock. Known as the “Dirtiest Girl in Porn,” she has starred in over 500 adult films, including BDSM, scenes with men and women, and group sex. Don’t let her exhibitionist streak deter you: with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight, you can have her all to yourself.

With an incredibly detailed outer shell of Jenna’s vulva, this toy feels tighter as you go deeper. Along the 9” canal, chambers of ridges and nodules hug your erection tightly. After you push past the super tight opening, the channel opens up and gets smaller as you go further inside. The interior is filled with nodules, providing no open spaces. You have to push through, with the ticklers rubbing against you with every inch, to get the ultimate satisfaction.

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of Jenna Haze, why not enjoy some self-pleasure with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight? Unlike other models on our list, this Fleshlight’s interior canal is nothing but nodules designed to touch and stimulate you with every thrust. Cleaning the interior can be a pain, but once you feel all the excitement inside the Jenna Haze Fleshlight, it will be worth the effort.


Since Fleshlight changed male sex toys over twenty years ago, the company has invented new and creative ways for men to enjoy masturbation. With the Fleshlight Girls line, they take molds of real porn stars and make them into a male stroker. Over twenty stars have signed up to have their private areas molded, with more doing it every day. With the Fleshlight Girls collection, you can have up close and personal time with your favorite girl on camera.