Eva Lovia Fleshlight Review

Eva Lovia is one of the best selling Fleshlight Girls in the world and it's pretty easy to see why… she is smoking hot. A perfect mix of Spanish and Japanese heritage. But it's not only her beautiful appearance that makes her so popular, but she is also sassy and cheeky and looks like a lot of fun. We hear that this behavior continues off set too.

The, Eva Lovia Spice is part of the Fleshlight Girls range. The most popular series of all from Fleshlight. And, let’s face it, the minute you see her on the toy's packaging you are already going to get excited and be ready for action.

Main Features

Eva’s most famous feature is by far her booty and the Spice Fleshlight lets you experience all the fun of a night in with the star. The toy is molded directly from her butt so what you are seeing as you insert yourself in is what she actually looks like. Pretty amazing stuff huh?

The inner sleeve features 9 inches of ribbed and tight textured fun. This sleeve is on the tighter side and one of the tightest Fleshlights you can get so keep that in mind. It starts out with a tightly ribbed canal then opens up to the middle chamber which is wider and features textured raised nodules. It then tightens again at the end with a tight vortex to really drive you wild.

This toy is tight and there is a lot of pressure on the penis throughout your whole thrust with only a small chamber in the middle for relief. If you love it tight just like a real booty, then you will love this.


An Exact Replica of Eva Lovia

And let’s face it, it just doesn’t get much better than that! She’s a famous porn star and this is her famous ass, so you know you are going to have a good time.

It Feels Very Real

Fleshlights are designed to feel as close to the real thing as possible to give you a lifelike experience with your favorite porn stars. This toy is made from a patented SuperSkin. They won’t tell us what exactly is in it but it is entirely body-safe and made from medical grade materials and somehow feels almost exactly like real skin. The tightness of this sleeve also really adds to the realism of this being a nice, tight booty. Due to that same tightness, it probably won’t be a toy that will give you a long ride but it sure will be fun!

Great for Men With Smaller Girths

It is a perfect option for men with smaller girths as it is so tight and they will still feel the full textured experience that they may miss out on with others in the range. If you have tried other Fleshlights and they felt too roomy then this may be the perfect option for you. For the same reason, it may not be the best option for men with a lot of girth as it may prove too tight and uncomfortable. Just make sure you read the measurements before you buy.


The Texture May Not Be Enough for Some

The texture itself is not so intense and there is a lot less stimulation than some of the other inner sleeves offer. But the tightness is the real drawcard for this particular masturbator. If you want more texture you can check out the Eva Lovia Sugar which is her vaginal Fleshlight.

Hard to Reach the End

If you are on the shorter side, you may miss out on the awesome vortex at the end. That is because this texture has multiple chambers with different textures and the end one is one of the most intense. Due to the hard outer shell, not everyone will be able to reach the end of the toy.

Fairly Tedious to Clean

As a general rule with male masturbators, the tighter it is the more difficult it is to clean. This is because the tightness of the canal makes it harder to clean out the textured parts thoroughly. It can be done, it just requires a bit more focus than some of the looser styles. 

What is Eva Lovia’s Fleshlight Best For?

Honestly, being so tight, this isn’t really a warm-up toy. This is for guys that want to have some fast, intense fun with a seriously explosive orgasm at the end. I recommend using it while you watch some of Eva Lovias most popular videos to really make the most of your experience.

And, keep in mind that you could also use it as a training unit. The tightness of it will apply a lot of pressure and stimulation to your penis making you reach orgasm pretty quickly, but instead of giving in, why not try holding off and seeing how long you can last. That way, when you are in a partnered situation, you might find that you are able to hold off longer then too.

Bottom Line

Let’s face it. Eva Lovia is smoking hot and this is probably the closest you will ever get to a real night with the star, and it’s a pretty damn good second in my opinion. This Fleshlight has all the trimmings of the Fleshlight Girl range plus it has that awesome and seriously intense Spice texture to get you going and get you reaching climax in no time at all. The fact that it is moulded directly from the stars booty is really just the icing on top of what is already a pretty awesome cake.