Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review

Dillion Harper is the curvy cutie you can only dream about, but now you can also live out those fantasies with your very own Fleshlight molded off the porn stars’ vagina. Dillion Harper rose to fame because of her bubbly girl next door persona, cheeky smile and perfect curves. Now she remains the porn industries sweetheart and is part of the ever popular range of Fleshlight Girls. The Fleshlight features an exact replica of Dillion's vagina and a textured inner sleeve so you can share a night in with your favorite porn star.

Main Features

Dillion Harper's Fleshlight has an inner sleeve called Crush. This is made up of three different stimulating chambers to stimulate your penis as you move in and out of the Fleshlight.

The first chamber is the most stimulating. It is full of raised bumps to completely circle and stimulate your penis from all angles. This first chamber is fairly wide which makes inserting yourself nice and easy. In the connecting area between this and the next, the bumps get a lot tighter as they start to get larger in size. They then go smaller again as it opens to the next chamber.

The second chamber has lots of big cross ribs which create a nice suction without feeling too tight on the penis. The third chamber has a series of spiraling ribs and is a fair bit tighter than the first and second ones. Even though it gets tighter towards the end, the majority of stimulation and excitement is actually at the front making it a good option for shorter penises.


Compatible with Fleshlight Accessories

Being part of the Fleshlight Girls range means that this toy can match up with other Fleshlight accessories like the Shower Mount and Sleeve Warmer. It can also be used with the amazing Launch which makes the toy move up and down in time with your favorite porn. It basically does all the work for you and makes the whole experience seem even more realistic. Match it with some Dillion Harper porn to really make the most of it.

The Inner Sleeve is Great for Short Penises

Most of the intensity from the inner sleeve is actually located in the first chamber of the toy which makes it great for men with penises on the shorter side. Even if you do not reach the end, you will still get to experience the majority of the stimulation that this Fleshlight has to offer.

The Inner Sleeve's also Good for Girthy Penises

The Crush sleeve is actually one of the wider sleeves available in the Fleshlight Girls range which makes it ideal for men with a wider girth than average. As it is not so tight, it will be nice and comfortable while still providing a lot of stimulation and sensation to the penis.


Less Intense Stimulation Than Other Styles

Due to the fact that this sleeve is quite wide, some will find that it does not provide them as much intensity as they like. It is less tight and less stimulating than some others, especially if the penis is on the thin side.

A Bit Tricky to Clean

Just like most textured Fleshlights, this sleeve can be tricky to clean for some. The middle bit becoming so tight makes it more difficult to reach that part but following the cleaning instructions properly and taking care while you clean should be sufficient.

What is Dillion Harper's Fleshlight Best Used For?

Being part of the Fleshlight Girls range, the Dillion Harper sleeve is all about fantasy. The subtle textured along the inner sleeve and the slightly roomier canal allows you to enjoy a smooth and luxurious ride without rushing to orgasm. The texture is gentle and perfectly suited for a prolonged play session.

I suggest picking out some of your favorite Dillion Harper porn films, utilizing the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to make it feel even more realistic, and enjoying a night in without any distractions.

Of course, you can also use this Fleshlight with a partner as part of foreplay to get you both excited and in the mood for some action. Being such a gentle texture means that it is great when used as a warm up to the main event.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is another great toy from the Fleshlight Girls range. It is smooth, beautiful and has an awesome light texture that is perfect for larger girths, partnered play or long, luxurious play sessions on your own. It would also make a great first masturbator as it is much less tight and intense than most of the other girls and it won’t overwhelm you when you try it for the first time.

You will need to be careful when you wash the toy to ensure that you really clean the internal sleeve especially during the tighter middle section as it can be a tricky area to reach. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy an amazing night in with Dillion Harper.