Best Anal Fleshlight Girls (2020 Top Picks)

The Fleshlight has become a go-to sex toy for men for twenty years, with options that cater to every taste. With different options available, the company brought the male masturbator into the mainstream. Men who love anal sex – but have an unwilling partner – find Anal Fleshlights the best way to fulfill their desires.

Comparison of the Best Anal Fleshlights

  • Perfect for all sizes up to 9"
  • 3 inner-chambers with unique designs
  • Likelike texture designed with swirls and soft bumps
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  • 5 different textures combine for intense stimulation
  • Sleeve is easy to remove and can be cleaned in seconds
  • Pearlescent case is extremely discreet and can be quickly stored after use
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  • Ribbed for ultimate sensation
  • One of a kind design for unrivaled stimulation
  • Design is perfect for beginners and building stamina
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  • Fleshlight is temperature responsive
  • 3 dazzling chambers offer unmatched pleasure
  • Constructed from Phthalate-Free materials and is 100% submersible
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  • Extremely tight and as close to Christy as it gets
  • Wide-ribbed textured design is an amazon combo
  • Designed with 6 soft chambers with 5 sub-sections
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What is an Anal Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a sex toy that is a masturbatory aid (also called a male stroker or a pocket pussy). Fleshlight is a name brand, as opposed to a type of product. Fleshlights have an outer casing that resembles a flashlight (hence, their popularity as a “discreet” sex toy).

The case has two lids: a larger one at the front and a smaller one at the back. When you remove the larger cap at the top, it reveals the soft and textured inner sleeve used during self-pleasure. The smaller cap at the back twists, adjusting the intensity of the suction that you feel during use.

When you remove the Fleshlight’s larger lid, it exposes the outer shell of the sleeve (the part you penetrate). This part is molded from different body parts – a mouth, a vagina, or an anus. Men select which design they like depending on their fantasies. If you have a preference for anal sex, then you would choose the sleeve that looks like an anus. Fleshlights are named after the outer appearance of the sleeve – so, sleeves that look like a butt from the entrance are called “anal fleshlights.”

Anal Fleshlights have two different styles: a generic anus or a butt design, or porn stars license the release of products molded from their body parts. These fulfill the fantasy of enjoying back-door fun with your favorite lady of the screen. In this review, we’ve rated the best Anal Fleshlights molded from these women.

Are All Anal Fleshlights The Same?

Just like the women they resemble, not all anal fleshlights are the same regarding appearance and feel. Everyone’s sensitive regions look different, even your favorite porn stars. The anal fleshlight of one woman will not look like another. Of the products on our list, all of them have a different appearance, because each woman is different.

Most importantly, none of the sleeves in the Fleshlights on this list have the same texture. One anal fleshlight will feel different than another. Once you penetrate the Fleshlight, the inner sleeve has nodules, ribbing, or ticklers (or a combination of all three) to provide more stimulation than your average pocket pussy. The texture is strategically placed for the most pleasure along your head and shaft for an earth-shattering orgasm. With so many combinations, each sleeve will create a new experience.

Benefits of Investing in a Great Anal Fleshlight

Fleshlights did not become the best-selling male sex toy on looks alone. While they might be unique in appearance, they provide some of the best products on the market today. Due to their quality manufacturing and their patented SuperSkin material, the Anal Fleshlights on our list have some amazing benefits.

Fleshlights have a higher standard of manufacturing than other male masturbators

Most male strokers are made from jelly or other substandard materials that rip or fall apart quickly. The hard external casing protects the inner sleeve from damage, and the sleeve itself is designed to be soft and durable. With the proper cleaning and care, your Fleshlight will last you for years.

The company’s patented SuperSkin material is body-safe

Unlike many other male strokers on the market, Fleshlight has a special material in the inner sleeve that is the safest for your skin. SuperSkin is a rubber polymer material softened by mineral oil that makes it softer and more supple. This makes it feel like real skin. It is also responsive to your body heat so that it will warm up with every thrust. Fleshlights are perfect for men with specific allergies or sensitivities to certain products. SuperSkin is latex-free, phthalate-free, plastic-free, and silicone-free. If you are allergic to these materials, then you can find a great masturbator in the Fleshlight.

Why is it important for my toy to be latex-free and phthalate-free?

If you have a latex allergy (whether you are aware of it or not), using a male masturbator containing latex can be deadly. You can have an allergic reaction to the material that ranges from mild to severe. The most severe allergic reactions – known as anaphylaxis – induce hives, itching, a sharp drop in blood pressure, and the constriction of your airways. It’s always best to stick to latex-free options.

Phthalates – chemicals used in plastics to make them more elastic – are hazardous to your health. Several studies confirm that prolonged exposure to phthalates causes damage to the sexual reproductive system. They can negatively affect your testes, meaning that you should stay away from them.

All sex toys that do not have these products are labeled as latex-free and phthalate-free so that you can purchase with confidence.


Fleshlights are so popular because they are customizable

Removing easily for cleaning or replacement, every Fleshlight sleeve has a different texture. Most Fleshlights come with the outer casing, but you can purchase sleeves separately. This means you can replace the sleeve of your toy without having a bunch of these flashlight-looking items laying around your house. Instead, you can have one case with several different sleeves: depending on your mood, you can enjoy naughty anal action with anyone you choose.

Review of the Best Anal Fleshlights

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now over which anal Fleshlight you should choose, never fear. We’ve done all the work – we have reviewed the best anal fleshlights of the year; every Fleshlight on our list is different, and we’ve highlighted their strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the best purchase.  


  • Anal fleshlight molded from Eva Lovia with SuperSkin material
  • 9” inner canal textured with ridges and nodules for extra stimulation
  • Tight entry with a 0.75” inner canal for the best anal experience
  • The hard exterior case prevents damage to inner sleeve
  • Twisting the back cap increases suction for even more pleasure
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Interior has varying tightness throughout the length of the toy


  • Textures require extra care when cleaning
  • Might be too tight for girthier guys

For the past few years, Eva Lovia has been a fixture on the porn scene with her appearances in some of the best parodies in the industry. The star of Star Wars Underworld: A XXX Parody and Kill Bill: A XXX Parody has an exotic appeal that contributes to the growing diversity of the industry. The Eva Lovia Spice Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt is molded from her puckered anus so that you can enjoy a fulfilling anal session with Eva.

With a 9” inner canal with 0.75” width, the inside of this Fleshlight will pleasure you from tip to base. The ridges and nodules – combined with your favorite water-based lubricant – make for an eye-rolling experience. Even though the sleeve is tight enough, you can adjust the suction with the back cap if you need more stimulation. With the Eva Lovia Spice Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt, this porn star is always down for great anal.

Bottom Line

The Eva Lovia Spice Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt is one of several items in the Fleshlight Girls series. It has a tightness that mimics anal sex, but it might feel too constricting on men who have a thicker member. The soft SuperSkin material has some give, but its design is made for a tighter feeling. The texture of the inside feels great, but it also requires extra attention when cleaning. If you love Eva, then you’ll love this Fleshlight.


  • Anal fleshlight molded from Adriana Chechick with SuperSkin material
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Inner sleeve has varying tightness of texture, ribbing, and nodules for eye-rolling stimulation
  • Measures 9” of inner length with 0.75” width for a tight fit
  • Comes with a protective outer casing
  • Back cap twists for more or less suction


  • Extra textured interior needs careful cleaning
  • The entry might be too tight
  • The texture might be too intense for some men

Adriana Chechik entered the world of pornography with a bang in 2013. Since then, she has maintained a steady online and film presence, blessing all of us with her no-holds-barred attitude and her penchant for anal and gangbang experiences. With the Adriana Chechik Next Level Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt, you can get down and dirty with Adriana whenever you like.

With an extra-textured inner sleeve meant to squeeze and stimulate you, this Fleshlight is intense. We would be surprised if you lasted past the first few thrusts. With 9” of inner length and 0.75” width, the inside of this amazing toy alternates between tight and extra tight, with lots of ribs and nodules to push you to the limit.

Bottom Line

After performing her first double anal scene her first year in the business, it’s no surprise that Fleshlight revealed their Adriana Chechik Next Level Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt. The soft material has extra tightness and stimulation for the best experience, but it might be too intense for some men. The tight entry might be a turnoff to some girthier men, so this toy would be better for men with more length than girth. With so much going on inside, the Adriana Chechik Next Level Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt is guaranteed to please.


  • Anal fleshlight molded from Lisa Ann with SuperSkin material
  • A tight interior canal with 9” of inner length
  • The inner sleeve has a ribbed interior with swirls for great stimulation
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Swirls and ribs create tighter spaces along the internal canal for an extra-close fit


  • The tightness is better for men who measure small to average in length and girth
  • Ribbing can be difficult to clean

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know Lisa Ann. A permanent fixture in the porn world, she is a sexy MILF who is always down for a good anal pounding. Her feature films are some of the best-selling in the industry, and she is a legend to old and new fans alike. The Lisa Ann Butt allows you to have some back-door fun with the woman herself.

At 9” of interior length, the sleeve has a ribbed interior with swirling designed to stimulate you many different ways at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, the tight entry might make you lose your mind before you even get inside. Even if you aren’t a fan of Lisa Ann, you’ll want to add this Fleshlight to your arsenal.

Bottom Line

The Lisa Ann Butt is one of the most popular items in the Fleshlight Girls series, and it’s easy to see why. Molded from the anus of this enticing porn star, this Fleshlight surrounds you with tightness and stimulation with every inch you give it. Although it is designed to bring you to your knees in pleasure, its super-tight fit isn’t for everyone. Despite SuperSkin’s naturally stretchy feel, this item is better for the smaller guy.


  • Anal fleshlight molded from Riley Reid with SuperSkin material
  • The inner canal has three sections of ridges and nodules of varying tightness
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Measures 9” of inner length to fit most men to the base
  • Tighter areas aren’t as narrow as other models for a more comfortable fit


  • Grid-like inner texture requires close cleaning
  • The opening might be too close-fitting for some

Since 2011, Florida native Riley Reid has maintained her presence in the industry. With the distinction of winning an adult film award every year since she started performing, she has loyal fans who always want to see more of this brunette beauty. The Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt is appropriately named because using it induces a state of bliss.

With a 9” interior with three sections of ridges and nodules, this Fleshlight massages your entire length throughout your session. The texture has a grid-like structure, which feels much different than the usual ridges and nodules of other Fleshlights. For an intriguing take on the anal Fleshlight, the Riley Reid Euphoria delivers.

Bottom Line

The Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt is unique from the other Fleshlights on our list. The inner sleeve has a grid of crisscross texture – instead of the traditional ridges and nodules – for a completely different feel. Once you get past the narrow opening, it still feels snug against your length without being too constricting. Better for the larger, thicker man, this Fleshlight has a less intense feel, but it is no less pleasurable. It focuses more on the stimulation (not the tightness), which is better for men who like a looser-fitting toy.


  • Anal fleshlight molded from Christy Mack with SuperSkin material
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Measures 9” of inner length with a stimulating sleeve of slightly raised bumps
  • A gentler experience that closely resembles anal sex
  • Comfortably tight without being too constricting
  • Requires less attention to cleaning than other items on this list


  • Better for thicker men to feel all of the sensations
  • Less intense texture and looser fit might not impress everyone

Since retiring from the industry, the adult industry has missed Christy Mack. But, not to worry – you can still enjoy her films with the Christy Mack Butt for inspiration. Her voluptuous, tattooed curves are part of what made her so memorable, and she will always be remembered for her spunk and her sex appeal. With the Christy Mack Butt, you can treat yourself to the best anal session of your life. With 9” of nodules waiting for you, this Fleshlight will thrill you from tip to base.

Bottom Line

The Christy Mack Butt isn’t meant to drive you over the edge immediately. A looser fit and a less defined texture make this item a more “relax and enjoy” toy than a “get off as soon as you can” toy. With a snug (yet not too constricting) fit, this Fleshlight is for the man who wants to enjoy the experience of his self-pleasure. Paired with a quality water-based lube, the Christy Mack Butt will make you orgasm when you least expect it. This Fleshlight is a must-have for any fan!


If you’re in the market for a great new toy, anal fleshlights will help you indulge your back-door fantasies. They make great accessories for any solo mission. Most Fleshlights have more stimulation than others, meaning that you can find the best toy for you. If you’re looking for more tightness, then the Eva Lovia Spice Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt or the Lisa Ann Butt would be the perfect match for you.

Men who want more stimulation will find the Adriana Chechik Next Level Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt, the Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt, and the Christy Mack Butt more suited to their tastes. Whatever experience you prefer, these Best Anal Fleshlights are guaranteed to give you the session of your life.