Fleshlight Alien Review

The Fleshlight Alien is a masturbator that is perfect for the geeks and the freaks. It is part of the Fleshlight Freaks range of sex toys and it is pretty damn amazing. Unlike the classic flesh color that features on most of the range, this Fleshlight is made from metallic blue super skin and is moulded in the shape of an alien vagina. Yes, an alien vagina.

So it’s a bit whacky, but it feels just as good as the ever popular rest of the range and its pretty fun and cool if you ask me. And, it literally looks like something straight out of Avatar. So, if you secretly (or not so secretly) had a crush on the main girl, then this may just be able to fulfill that fantasy. This toy also has two clitorises, the lucky thing. Although I guess you won’t really be paying them too much attention while the toy is in use.

Main Features

The inner sleeve of the Fleshlight Alien is actually made up from a mix of the Fleshlight ranges fan favorites. The Vortex at the start, the textured Lotus Nodes in the middle and the Stamina Training unit tightness at to finish it off. This makes it possible to get training and pleasure all in one.

Although the end is quite tight, the rest of the canal is actually fairly wide, the entrance, in particular, is on the larger side which makes it great for larger penises. If you struggle to get your penis comfortably inserted into other Fleshlights, then this one may be a bit easier and more comfortable for you.

Of course, the fun Alien style is a huge plus for some users too, especially those that love science fiction. This toy can definitely help you to live out some of your alien fantasies. And, the metallic blue just looks so damn cool that you can just look beyond the fact that it is shaped like an alien vagina and just get down to business.


Non-human Anatomy

Whether you like the look of this Fleshlight or not, most of its popularity is based on the fact that it doesn’t look like a real human body. Many people actually find the appearance of human anatomy on sex toys slightly off-putting while they play, so this is a way to use a Fleshlight without that cringe factor. On the other hand, the fact that it is designed to look like an alien vagina is probably off-putting to some too. It's up to you what you like!

Super Nice Suction

The tighter far end of the sleeve creates an awesome suction on the head of the penis. It is so strong that it will literally cling on to your penis. That’s because the sleeve has a funnel shape to it that sucks you right in. Just as I imagine an alien vagina would. Or maybe I have been reading a bit too much science fiction lately…

Less Sticky Material

Initially, the material of the Alien sleeve seems less sticky after cleaning than some of the others. Initially, that is. Over time and after a few uses it will become stickier. Just lightly dust it with cornstarch after cleaning and it will be as good as new again though. 


You Might Not Reach the End

The Alien gets really tight at the end – if you can reach it. This tight STU texture is actually one of the things that makes this Fleshlight so popular but if you are on the smaller side, then you may not be able to reach it.

Use A Lot of Lube

As with all Fleshlights, you need lube to ensure that it doesn’t tear. Even though this is a wider Fleshlight, you still need to thoroughly lube it up before you play to keep it in tip top condition and to keep it body-safe.

It’s an Alien Vagina…

Let’s face it, some people are just going to find it creepy. No judgement from me though. I think it looks cool!

What is the Fleshlight Alien Best for?

Being on the wider side makes this toy extremely popular for a slow drawn out play session, but only if you focus mainly on the first two-thirds of the inner sleeve. This is the area that is wider and will allow you to play for longer without reaching climax too soon. It is also a good toy for foreplay for the same reason. You can use it to get yourself warmed up and ready for action. You can use it yourself or let your partner take control and use it on you to tease your penis.

If you can reach the furthest end of the Alien, then you could also use it to train yourself to last longer. This end is made from the sleeve of the STU which is very tight and designed to make you orgasm quickly unless you can stop yourself. That is where the training comes in. If you can get used to this tightness, then you should hopefully be able to last longer when you are with a partner too.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a male masturbator with a difference or just want to live out your Avatar fantasy, then the Fleshlight Alien is the perfect option. Although it looks a little strange, it still has all the benefits of the classic Fleshlights.

And, let us face it, it just looks cooler. Plus, the fact that it utilizes three of Fleshlights most popular inner sleeve texture all in one makes it a pretty hard toy to ignore.

You get the thrill of the Vortex, the stimulation of the Lotus Nodes and the tight, constant sensation of the STU all in one toy. Sounds like a seriously great option to me!