Alexis Texas Fleshlight Review

Amazing things happen when you mix it up. Alexis Texas is an American dream where a Norwegian and Puerto Rican melting pot produced a blonde haired, blue eyed porn star with a booty that just won’t quit. Now this small-town Texas girl can be yours with her own set of Fleshlights molded from her best southern features.

Comparison of the Best Alexis Texas' Fleshlights


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Alexis Texas' Vagina Fleshlight

Alexis Texas' Fleshlight Butt

Benefits of Investing in Alexis Texas’ Fleshlights

Fleshlight never lets us down with their sleeve masturbators in clever flashlight-shaped cases and the Alexis Texas is no exception. She packs a punch with a 9.5” deep sleeve made of realistic SuperSkin material.

An upgrade from the sticky and clammy feeling of jelly masturbation toys, Superskin offers the velvety texture and responsive firmness of real flesh. It can be warmed with water or a sleeve warmer, cleans easily and with proper care is durable enough to “give you a lifetime of enjoyment.”

This superior quality toy is all packed in a discrete white case with a protective cover and twisting base that adjusts suction to your personal needs.

What Makes a Alexis Texas’ Fleshlights Special?

You wondering this too? No worries. We've got you covered. 

Star Appeal

Alexis Texas is one of the most enthusiastic and prolific porn stars of the last decade. She’s been named one of the top 12 porn stars by Maxim magazine and received numerous awards for her work. While she loves having all sorts of sex on the camera, she’s especially well-known for her anal scenes that show off her fabulous rear end. If you love the actress, one of her Fleshlights is the ultimate fan must have.

Molded from the real thing

The lady and butt orifices on Alexis Texas’ Fleshlights are molded from the star’s actual anatomy. This is about a close as most fans will ever get to an encounter with Alexis herself and add whole new way of enjoying her films.   

Unique Sleeve Textures 

Both of Alexis Texas’ Fleshlights are paired with inner textures that are only available with her sleeves. The lady comes with the “Outlaw” texture that has a relaxed entrance with a channel that twists increasing its grip the more deeply it is penetrated. The “Tornado” texture comes with the butt opening and features a spiraling twister-like canal that feels pretty close to the real thing.

Review of Alexis Texas’ Fleshlights 

Let’s break down the difference between the two Alexis Texas Fleshlights and what you can get from both toys.

1. Alexis Texas Fleshlight


  • Modeled of Alexis Texas
  • Discrete white case with cover and adjustable suction
  • Realistic SuperSkin sleeve material
  • Torquing inner sleeve design
  • Repeated penetration sensation through the sleeve


  • Intense texture makes sleeve more time consuming to clean
  • Longer drying time

The lady orifice features a very accurate reproduction of Alexis’ vaginal lips and clitoris, all spread open and welcoming.

The lady is complemented by the unique “Outlaw” inner texture consists of relaxed opening, followed by two large, 2” long, nubby chambers with three crescent-shaped ribs at the entrance and exit of each offering the sensation of tight, valve-like suction with each penetration.

It is 9.5” deep and narrows to 0.3” at its tightest point in the second twisting chamber. The case is white with a protective cover and base to adjust suction.

Bottom Line

With its unique inner texture, the Alexis Texas lady with the “Outlaw” interior offers a enjoyable rough ride. The valve design has a great “popping” feeling with the penetration of each chamber and a stimulating gripping sensation. It’s texture makes it more challenging to clean, but users report an intense orgasm that makes it worth the trouble.

2. Alexis Texas Fleshlight Butt


  • Modeled of Alexis Texas
  • Discrete white case with cover and adjustable suction
  • Realistic SuperSkin sleeve material
  • Realistic wrapping sensation sleeve texture
  • Easy to clean


  • May be under-stimulating to some

The butt orifice has a reproduction of Alexis’ tight pucker paired with the “Tornado” sleeve interior. True to its name, this texture is a subtly nubby canal complete with with three spiral-shaped ribs that creating a realistic wrapping sensation around the penis.

The inner canal is 9.5” deep and undulates in width down the length from 0.5” to 0.7” wide. Like the other Alexis Texas Fleshlight, the case is white with a protective cover and base to adjust suction.

Bottom Line

The inner texture of the Alexis Texas in “Tornado” is subtle but consistent along the length. It feels a lot like actual anal intercourse which many users enjoyed, while others found the sensations to be insufficiently stimulating compared to other sleeves like the “Outlaw”. If you are a user who needs less stimulation though, the Texas Tornado is a good option.


Alexis Texas does so many types of porn so very well and her two Fleshlights are proud reflections of her work. Two incomparable masturbators that are beautiful to look at and offering different and unique experiences, they’re guaranteed satisfy your needs, just like Alexis.