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Anal Toys, Buyer's Guides

Curious about anal play but not sure where to begin? Are you an anal pro, but want to - ahem - expand your horizons? This is where anal trainers come

Anal Toys, Buyer's Guides

Anal beads are probably the second most popular anal toy next to butt plugs. Most people who indulge in bum play don’t give this amazingly versatile toy enough credit. Perfect

Butt Plugs, Buyer's Guides

Let’s go ahead and open up one of the most heated debates in sex toy conversations today: which is better in terms of anal stimulation, anal beads or butt plugs?

Buyer's Guides

If there is one topic no one is talking about when it comes to playing with anal toys, it is what sometimes needs to happen before or after your play

Anal Toys, Buyer's Guides

When it comes to the P-spot orgasm, AKA an orgasm achieved through male prostate stimulation, there are few sensations that can go beyond it. Aneros prostate massagers are one of